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The Limited Edition ESAB "United We Weld" Sentinel A50

ESAB is bringing something special to this year's 4th of July BBQ. The limited edition "United We Weld" Sentinel A50 welding helmet is here.

Baker's Best Gear of 2019

We have seen a lot of improvements in the welding industry this year, and customers are always asking us what the best of the best is! Here are some of our favorites along with the best-sellers that our customers love.

The Best Clothing and Safety Gear for Welding

Choosing the right welding clothing and safety gear will save you from serious burns and UV exposure, and best of all, it’s not hard to find safe clothing for wherever you’re welding.

What You Need in a Welding Helmet: Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

One of the leading products at Baker’s Gas and Welding’s online store has been the Lincoln 2450 Viking Welding Helmet, a top-of-the-line auto-darkening helmet with four arc sensors and internal shape control.

Tips on Choosing a Welding Helmet

Safety is an important concern for any welder. A welding helmet protects you from burns and from the light of the welding arc, which can cause damage to your skin and eyes. The more complete the protection you use while welding, the safer you are


Miller Welding Helmets

Baker’s Gas has a great selection of Miller Welding Helmets currently on sale and they are offering free shipping on all qualifying orders. Miller Welding Helmets lead the way in auto-darkening technology and graphics. They feature multiple arc sensors, a quick-release front cover lens

The Polycarbonate Solution

Welding is a dangerous hobby or occupation, and anyone involved knows that. I remember watching my father weld many times when I was young, and he would always hand over his old gray welding helmet. This was a great protective device, if a bit heavy,

A Few Tips on Welding Helmets

Welding helmets or hoods come in all shapes and sizes, and they're one of the most important of a welder's tools. Firstly, you want a welding helmet that is lightweight and comfortable. Heavy helmets will tire your neck and back and are awkward and troublesome.