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What's New in the Miller Helmet World?

Mille ClearLight 2.0 with external grind button

Miller Electric has been working on a new version of their popular helmets on the market today. They worked to enhance the comfort, performance, and safety to bring it to the next level of productivity and clarity on the Miller ClearLight 2.0 helmets. Now let's dive in! 

Just as the name suggests the ClearLight technology reduces the green tint and enhances the view of the weld to a clear real color view. The below photo shows the traditional welding helmet view compared to the new 2.0 view! If you have an older helmet this is a major upgrade from the traditional technology even just 8-10 years ago. The 2.0 stands for 2nd version and has no correlation to the light state. The Miller Electric ClearLight 2.0 helmets all have a light state of 2.5 or 3.0. (Currently only the Elite with Grind Button has the 2.5 light state) 

ClearLight vs Traditional

The biggest upgrade outside of the lens technology to the ClearLight 2.0 helmets is the extended warranty from 3 to 4 years. That means A WHOLE EXTRA 365 days of coverage on factory defects.  Miller has great confidence in their helmet's auto darkening filters (ADF) and is now backing them a year longer than the industry standard. The new Miller ClearLight 2.0 is now available on the Digital Performance, Digital Elite, and the new Digital Elite with external Grind Button. 

Miller Helmet Technologies

Miller is well respected in the industry for welding equipment and safety products. Miller Electric helmets are designed with the welder in mind just like their welding equipment. Simple with advanced features on the things that matter the most on a welding helmet. We are going to break down all of details on the Miller 2.0 technology helmets! 

Miller Helmet Technologies & Improvements

ClearLight 2.0 Technology - Engineered to complement the colors emitted from the welding arc, enhancing clarity and natural color so that you can see more detail. Struggling to see the puddle and stay in line can be hard on older/traditional welding hoods. Miller has eliminated that with this new technology. Now Miller Elite and Performance Helmets are coming with ClearLight 2.0 technology! Even clearer than before and safer on your eyes! 

1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity Rating - 2 does not mean inferior rather an intentional selection for the angular dependency of light let in while welding. To learn more check out this blog post.

1/x/x/x - Eliminating Distortion

x/1/x/x - Removing Blurriness

x/x/1/x - Uniform Shade

x/x/x/2 - Angle Dependance on Luminous Transmittance 

Clearlight vs clearlight 2.0 X-Mode Lens Technology - This technology eliminates light interference. For example the sun. This mode is best used by welders who weld outdoors, in bright environments, or out of position. How it works is the lens will auto darken based on the electromagnetic field caused by the arc. Even when the sensors on your ADF are blocked the lens will still detect the arc. X-Mode even detects low amperage welding making it a top-notch option for low amp TIG welding. Maximize production with no more interruptions. Their helmets also have auto sense built in that is kind of similar. It will allow the helmet to adjust its sensitivity by sensing the surroundings. Very ideal technology for welders who are changing environments rapidly.

If you have ever welded with a garage door open you know how valuable this mode is. Simply put the helmet in X-Mode and it will only go dark when you strike an arc and will not go dark from the natural light outdoors. 

Info Track 2.0 - This feature tracks the arc time and arc count. If you ever have difficulty quoting out jobs or keeping track of weld hours. This will help immensely. Also has a multi-language help menu! 

AutoSense - This feature is super convenient for welders who find themselves welding in different environments often. AutoSense sets the sensitivity by sensing your surroundings. So if you are indoors and outdoors often, this feature will be super helpful and time-saving so you do not have to change the sensitivity yourself and that means higher productivity. 

Auto On/Off - Ever worry if you turned your helmet on before striking an arc? You no longer need to worry about that with this safety feature. If you accidentally did not turn your helmet on and strike an arc the lens will automatically turn on!

Digital Controls - Not only are Miller welders user-friendly but so are their helmets! Foolproof design and large push buttons allow a user to easily adjust mode and settings. Most welding helmets still have small nobs and numbers to adjust the shades and other settings. The digital read makes sure that you are in the correct mode or shade for your project! 

Miller External Grind Button 

As you can see in the image below, the Miller Digital Elite - 288924 now comes with an external grind button. Super convenient for prepping your workpiece without removing your helmet to change modes.  This Helmet also includes a new light state of 2.5! No other Miller helmet has these features yet besides the T94 having a grind button. Other nice enhancements include half shade settings for precise lens adjustments to get it just the way you like it!

External Grind Button Application Photo

This helmet above all other 2.0 ClearLight hoods has a few more differences. The other big difference is the light state of 2.5. (Most all other Miller Electric Helmets have a 3.0) Very small difference but one we wanted to point out as we were a bit confused at first. ONLY this version has the 2.5 light state and external grind! 

2.5 Light State on Miller Elite

Worth the upgrade? 

Consumers buy Miller Electric helmets with confidence in the brand and technology.  The 2.0 helmets include some pretty nice upgrades. If you just purchased a Miller ClearLight in the last year or so we do not think there are any notable differences or reasons to upgrade until you need a new helmet. However if you have an older helmet you are in for a treat with these upgrades. 4 year warranty, digital controls, brighter view, and the clearest view of the weld yet.  Customer feedback has been positive and we are excited to see a few upgrades!  Look for a complete review video soon! Keep this a secret but they will soon be releasing an upgrade to the T94 later this summer! To learn more about the Miller Electric 2.0 Helmets and promotions on all Miller Electric products check out Bakersgas.com. Helpful support team available to answer any questions you have even on competitive helmets to make you confident before you buy! 

Steve N.

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Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet w/ ClearLight 2.0 Lens, Black - 289755
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Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet w/ ClearLight 2.0 Lens, Blue Rage II - 281010

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