ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet - 0700600860


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ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet - 0700600860


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ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet - 0700600860

ESAB Sentinel A60 helmet 0700600860 is the top ESAB welding helmet. Customers highly rate the helmet for its brightness, ease of use, and unique design and interface. This helmet is taking your welding to the next level with a huge panoramic view and perfect 1/1/1/1 EN optical clarity. Now you’ll have an even wider view of the weld pool without any distortion.

The re-engineered auto-darkening filter (ADF) features a new ESAB OpTCS broad-spectrum light control technology. This delivers an enhanced True Color view with reduced eye fatigue for the most demanding days on the job. New 0.5 increment shade adjustments give you more precise control of your view. Plus 40% larger viewing area compared to the previous Sentinel. 

Mission Ready

Years of welding have trained you to know exactly what you need in a hood: crucial comfort, large lens, and next-generation technology. Every special operation needs special equipment that gets the job done, and when it comes to your helmet, SENTINEL is worn by the best.

The ESAB Sentinel A60 auto-darkening welding hood features a shade 5-13 lens with external grind control. The Sentinel A60 is fully digital with a touchscreen interface. The welding lens has eight memory settings with a full 9.27 inches of viewing area. The ADF has a low amperage TIG welding range down to 2 amps!

Revolutionary Shell Design

The signature shell design of Sentinel, fully- adjustable Halo headgear, and external grind mode button complete the most comfortable, highest-performance helmet ESAB has ever produced. High-impact resistance nylon and the spherical shape of the lens reduce the collection of spatter. The anti-scratch coating reduces the reflection from high exposure to spatter and sparks.

HALO Headgear

The ESAB Sentinel's five-point contact headgear is adjustable, so the weight of the helmet can be shifted around the head, which reduces pressure loads and increases comfort for long-term wear. The additional contact points introduce approximately 500,000 different combinations of headgear settings, five times more than standard helmets typically provide.

High-Performance Auto-Darkening Filter

Optical class rating of 1/1/1/1. Technology in the lens provides a clear true-color view of the weld. Fully adjustable shades 5-13. Enter the shade 3 grind mode from the touch screen or without removing your gloves from the external grind button.

Memory Settings

You may not know what type of job you're working on next, but you'll always be ready with the ESAB Sentinel. With 9 memory functions, you can easily program Sentinel for multiple welding processes, including MIG, Stick, and TIG - and switch from one setting to the next, so you're always prepared.

Spherical Front Cover Lens

The design on the Sentinel lens allows more natural light to get in, ultimately increasing visibility and clarity. Replacing the outer lens is super simple, change in less than 10 seconds. Available in clear and amber. (We prefer the amber for a brighter view)


ESAB offers unrivaled service and support. Sentinel like all ESAB products, is backed by the 100-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty. 

  • ADF viewing area: 4.65" x 2.8"
  • Intuitive internal ADF control including sensitivity and delay
  • ESAB OpTCS True Color Lens Technology
  • On-Board memory for up to 9 settings
  • Arc sensors: 4
  • Fast switching time of .08 Milliseconds
  • Replaceable CR2450 battery
  • Low Battery, grind mode, and shade lock LEDs
  • Comfort fall all day welding with 5-Way Adjustability Headgear
  • 40% larger viewing area than the model below
  • Perfect Optical Clarity rating of 1/1/1/1
  • External Grind Mode Control

Included with Product

  • ESAB Sentinel A60 auto-darkening welding helmet
  • Five-point, infinitely adjustable halo headgear
  • Helmet storage bag
  • 1 - outside amber cover lens (installed)
  • 2 - outside clear cover lens
  • 2 - inside clear¬†
  • 2 - CR2450 batteries

Baker's Bundle Includes

1 - Outside Cover Lens 2/pk

1 - Inside Replacement Lenses 

1 - Pack of Sweatbands

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Click the image below to view the full spec sheet

ESAB Sentinel A60 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Spec Sheet


ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet - 0700600860

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