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A Clear Look at the 4th Gen Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Welding Helmet

A Clear Look at the 4th Gen Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Welding Helmet

Now is the time to get the lowest price on Lincoln Electric’s best selling welding helmet at Baker’s Gas and Welding: the Viking 3350 4C. This new model’s clarity and a first time ever rebate makes the Viking tough to pass up! 

Welders working on home welding projects or taking their gear to pipelines, buildings, or offshore rigs will all benefit from the exceptional clarity and intuitive design of the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet. The Viking has historically been one of the bestselling welding helmets at Baker’s because of its extensive features and competitive price. Here’s a look at some of the improvements offered in this model.

New Features

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 auto-darkening welding helmet (generation 4) is the ultimate blend of comfort, productivity and optics. The one of a kind X6 Headgear contours to the head to establish 6 contact points which distribute weight, eliminate pressure and provide a personalized fit for maximum comfort. While low-profile external grind button allows you to quickly switch from weld to grind mode, significantly reducing downtime.

Lens Quality and Clarity

The Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet combines its light weight with an exceptional lens that provides 1/1/1/1 optical clarity, a real color view, and the ability to use a shade for cutting and grinding from any angle. 

The 4C lens technology in the new Viking series minimizes eye strain and offers a clearer view in true color rather than the lime green shade that is common on welding helmets with perfect clarity. 

Comparable helmets, such as the Digital Infinity helmet from Miller or the ESAB Sentinel, offer a 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating for true color viewing. This lower clarity rating takes into account the green shade that had previously been an issue in welding helmets with 1/1/1/1 clarity. 

The new Viking models use 4C lens technology to remove that green tint while delivering perfect clarity and a slightly lower price than models like the Digital Infinity. That’s a lot of clarity for not much cash! It’s the ideal helmet for general fabrication, shipbuilding, structural, offshore and pipeline that use multiple welding processes, including Stick, MIG and TIG.

Larger Viewing Area

When checking out welding helmets, don’t miss the bigger picture… that is, the size of your viewing area. The new Viking 3350 welding helmet has the largest viewing area in the Viking line for a full range of vision, topping out at 12.5” square inches, a viewing area of 3.74 x 3.34 inches. 

Miller’s Digital Infinity tops it with 13.4” square viewing area and slightly more protection with X-Mode. The Sentinel offers a wider range for the viewing area by it’s limited to 9.27 inches.

Superior Comfort While Welding

Weighing 21 oz. and offering pivot style headgear, the Viking offers superior protection while minimizing neck and shoulder strain while welding. You can easily add a cheater lens when a project requires extra detailed work. 

The Welding Helmet Specs You Need

 You’ll have the protection you need with this auto-darkening welding helmet that drops its shade at 1/25,000 of a second and offers a variable shade control of 5-13. For grinding you can use a lower 3.5 shade. There are also four arc sensors and a fully replaceable battery. 

Lincoln backs up their design with a three year warranty. 

Longer Battery Life

Weld more without interruption because of the Viking’s new battery that lasts longer because of improved circuitry. 

Add Essential Welding Supplies

The Baker’s Bundle offers $35 in savings, charging only $49 for $76 worth of gear. It also includes lens, sweatbands, and batteries. You’ll have the essential gear you need to get started right away by clicking the bundle option in the drop down menu. You can also add the right lens or adapter right at the time of purchase by clicking on the drop down menus. 

The new 4C Lens Technology upgrade to Lincoln Electric’s Viking welding helmets is included in the 1840, 2450, and 3350 series of welding helmets.

Take a look at all the helmets Lincoln offers here.

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