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Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Weld Yourself

Valentines Day Welding Projects

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means its time to get a gift for your significant other. You could always go the route of flowers and chocolates, but eventually, that gets boring. Why not make something for your partner that they will love? Keep reading below to learn about some easy Valentine's Day welding projects you can do yourself.

Welded Rose Flower Kit

This first project is slightly different than any of the others on this list. This welded rose kit is for sale on Etsy. Each kit comes with 5 petals, 2 leaves, and a stem. This makes it simple to source the materials you'll need so all that is left is to do the welding (and the giving). You can find a kit to make your own from an Etsy site seller like FormFunctionFab. The picture below is an image of the kit.

DIY Welded Rose Kit

Scrap Metal Welded Heart

The video below is a cool little project you can complete in a short time. If your scrap metal bucket is starting to overflow, dump it out and make a gift your partner will love. Some helpful tips and tricks can be found in the video below.


Horseshoe Wine Rack

This welding project was put together by Miller Electric. This project is adaptable so you can make a large wine rack to hold many bottles, or a simple low profile one for one or two bottles. Watch the video below for instructions.


Sunflower Yard Art

Hobart Brothers made this video on a unique Sunflower you can make for your yard. This does involve a plasma cutter or acetylene torch so it is more of a process but the end result looks fantastic.

Welded Fruit Bowl

The final project is a simple one. This could be accomplished with just about any MIG welder and some spare washers. Watch the video for the step by step process and some helpful tips on how to get it done. 

If you make any of these projects, please tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can check it out. If you are in the market for a welder, PPE, or plasma cutter, check out what we have to offer on the website. If you have any questions reach out to our support team at support@bakersgas.com!

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