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Sham-rockin' Ideas for St. Patrick's Day Welding Projects

St. Patrick's Day Decorations

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, let's take a look at some of the festive ways you can showcase your welding skills this year! Here are a few different ideas that you can try out at home or in your workshop that will be sure to grab people's attention.

1. Pot of Gold

A pot of gold is one of the first things we all think of with St. Patrick's Day so why not make one for yourself? All you'll need to do is take some metal sheets and weld them together into the shape of cauldron. Add some flavor to it by filling the pot with some metal coins or painting rocks with gold paint. You can create even more detail by adding a rainbow on top of the pot by bending metal rods or strips into an arc shape. 

2. Yard Art

There are several different pieces of yard art that you could create to display for the holiday such as a large shamrock and then welding it onto a stake to help keep it in place out in your yard or garden. You could make a leprechaun and add some cool details such as hat and pipe, and you could place him next to the pot of gold if you're also using the first idea.

3. Celtic Cross

If you're an experienced welder and want a more difficult but rewarding challenge, try making the Celtic cross using metal bars or rods. This design requires intricacies such as incorporating knots and interlocking patterns. Top it off with a coat of green paint to fit into the St. Patrick's Day theme!


Here is an example from lipsandstickswelding on TikTok of some fun St. Patrick's Day themed graphic designs they cut out on their plasma table!

Check out our plasma cutting collection to get started on your own designs!


@lipsandstickswelding Happy St. Patrick‚Äôs Day! ūüćÄ Graphic design and metal are my two favorite things! #plasmatables #cncplasma #happystpatricksday #gnomes #welding #femalewelder #metalart #graphicdesigner ‚ô¨ St. Patrick's Day - Freccero


Whatever project(s) you decide to try out for yourself, remember that it is always important to wear the proper protective gear as well as to always work in a well-ventilated area. Best of luck on your projects this St. Patrick's Day!

Dylan B.

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