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Finding Welding Work Overseas

With the current state of our economic and job situations, many welders are trying to find areas that they can branch into or to relocate to areas where welding is highly sought after.  Welders can make a lot of money when the economy is stable,

Training and Education Required to Become an Underwater Welder

Underwater welding is one of the most demanding areas of welding.  The training and certifications required to perform this type of welding varies on the area you wish to specialize in.  The basic principles of underwater welding are the same as any welding performed on

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Challenges of Underwater Welding

Whether you call it underwater welding, wet welding, or dive welding – the challenges are the same. Subsea diver-welders work hard to maintain submerged infrastructure. Perils include the obvious, being deep below the surface while wearing heavy equipment, having limited visibility, and currents making movement

Become an Underwater Welder

Do you want to be a welder? Are you into scuba diving? Well, there just may be an ideal career choice for you: Underwater Welder. If you're reading this Blog, the odds are probably pretty good that you're already a professional welder, or at least

Welding Careers and Salaries

Welding is a dynamic career field that offers a number of unique specializations, with many exciting work opportunities. Welding is one of the most highly sought after and high-paying skilled trades, with positions available in a variety of industries including construction, heavy industry, manufacturing, shop-building

Underwater Welding – Expand Your Skills as a Diver/Welder

There have been many advances in welding in recent years. One of the numerous advances has led to the development of underwater welding. In fact, there are several different kinds of welding techniques that can be used underwater.

Is Underwater Welding Right For You?

Many welders have expressed an interest in underwater welding.  Underwater welding uses a type of shielded metal arc welding, where you have to use a waterproof electrode.  In underwater welding the power supply is connected to the welding equipment using cables and hoses. Before starting