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Welding is a dynamic career field that offers a number of unique specializations, with many exciting work opportunities. Welding is one of the most highly sought after and high-paying skilled trades, with positions available in a variety of industries including construction, heavy industry, manufacturing, shop-building and other welding specific jobs such as underwater welder, certified welding inspector, welding technician and more. And whether you’re interested in working outdoors or inside, traveling, or staying close to home, a career in welding covers all your bases. If you’re interested in a  real career with a definite future, and the opportunity to make a good living, welding just might be the ideal choice for you.

Best of all, careers in welding can pay well. You may not take home a great paycheck from your first job out of the gate, but as you gain more practical, on the job experience, your income earning potential increases significantly. It’s not unheard of for top earners in their particular field to gross more than $100,000 a year.

The following is list of careers in welding, and the “median” (the figure right in the middle of the total range between highest and lowest) annual income associated with each career option:

Welding Associated Jobs

Underwater welder:  $47,000

Certified Welding Inspector:  $50,000

Welding sales rep:  $50,000

Welding technician: $55,000


Plumber, pipefitter and steamfitter:  $48,000

Structural metal worker:  $40,000

Welder, cutter, solderer and brazer:  $47,000

Welder, cutter, solderer and brazer aid:  $29,000


Sheet-metal worker:  $67,500

Structural metal fabricator and fitter:  $43,500

Welder, cutter, solderer and brazer:  $44,000


Boilermaker:  $47,000

Materials engineer:  $84,000

Welder, cutter, solderer and brazer:  $37,500

**The preceding statistic were reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Weld-Ed (The National Center for Welding Education and Training)



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