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Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

Welder and artist Melissa Gillespie Davis turned to welding as a career nearly 20 years ago because it didn’t require extensive schooling, paid a good wage, and had reasonable hours so that she had time with her family. Welding itself struck Davis as a kind

Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding News

It’s impressive that Jonathan Flores, 24, has completed his welding program with a 4.0 average and is poised to graduate with a number of promising welding opportunities. However, what’s most striking about his accomplishment is that Flores has done all of this from a wheelchair since he is paralyzed from the chest down.

Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

Welder Larry Berg always kept himself busy in his free time with side welding projects while working for 18 years at a company in his home town. When the struggling company let him go during the recession, Berg turned to his side work as his