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NASA Welding Project Reaches Milestone

NASA Welding Project Reaches Milestone

Welder Larry Berg always kept himself busy in his free time with side welding projects while working for 18 years at a company in his hometown. When the struggling company let him go during the recession, Berg turned to his side work as his main job

The business that he started in 2005 has grown by leaps and bounds, prompting him to move from one facility to another as he takes on more farm equipment, tractors, and other maintenance or fabrication projects. Beg notes that he enjoys the chance to help people in his community.

Welding Industry

Welding Competition Calls Attention to Career Opportunities
More than 200 construction apprentices and trainees from across the country will compete in the Associated Builders and Contractors(ABC) National Craft Championships (NCC) in Fort Lauderdale next week. Locals Kurtis Watson from Niceville and Lindsey Irvine from Crestview are among the competitors.

Jeff Leieritz, senior media relations manager for ABC, said one purpose of the event is to draw attention to the construction industry.

NASA Welding Project Reaches Milestone
This will be a pinnacle year for NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, as all welding for the structural backbone of NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System, will be completed this summer in preparation for its first flight in 2018. NASA’s first uncrewed test flight with Orion atop SLS is critical to paving the way for future flights with astronauts to deep space, including on a journey to Mars.

The structural backbone of SLS is the core stage, which will tower more than 200 feet tall and store cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen that will feed the vehicle’s four RS-25 engines.

Welding Jobs

New Welding Shop Planned in Cortez, CO
Colorado native Kenneth Vance has opened Lone Wolf Welding in the historic warehouse at Central Avenue and 6th Street.We bought the building and are in the process of renovating it, he said. “It’s 90 years old so it needs some work, but we’re hoping to have a Grand Opening this summer.”

Vance, 46, is an enthusiastic welder and machinist with a resume of industrial work and artful creations.

Welding Education

Tennessee School Adds to Welding Program
Jimmy Kee of McKenzie has joined the faculty at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology to meet the growing job training demand from students, including Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect applicants

Funds for the program were made possible by a $650,000 grant presented to TCAT Elizabethton by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, (pictured above), on June 15, 2015. Funds were to be used to add a new machine tool program at the main campus and to start an additional welding program. The Machine Tool Technology Program will begin soon.

North Dakota School Certified as Testing Facility
United Tribes Technical College’s welding program has been certified as an accredited test facility of the American Welding Society making it the only such facility in the state.

It’s the kind of educational service that fits our mission and helps make our students more employable, said Steve Shepherd, UTTC campus planner and the college’s former welding director.It’s an opportunity for the community because the industry is looking for qualified people.

Ohio College Receives $10,000 in Grant
A $ 10,000 grant from the Gene Haas Foundation will help Eastern Gateway Community College’s machining and welding program.

Minnesota Students Win Welding Competition
Central Lakes College welding students earned top spots at the American Welding Society’s “Behind the Mask” welding competition at Ridgewater College Wednesday.

CLC students competed against six other schools, with about 120 participants, in five categories. A young and energetic welding department consisting of Paul Jillson, Steve Verdon, and David Otto ignited a deep inspiration in the students to compete.

Welding Events

FABTECH Canada will take place at the Toronto Congress Centre, March 22-24, 2016. The event is co-sponsored by SME, the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), the American Welding Society (AWS), the Precision Metal-forming Association (PMA), and Chemical Coaters Association International. Companies specializing in fabricating, metal forming, welding, and finishing will have the opportunity to network, improve productivity, increase profits and discover innovative ways to expand in today’s competitive business environment.

9th International Seminar & Conference on Advances in Resistance Welding
Apr 12, 2016 – Apr 15, 2016, Miami, FL
AWS, RWMA, and Swantec have joined forces to bring this Seminar and Conference on Resistance Welding. Industry experts from leading institutes and companies in the ­field of resistance welding will give a comprehensive overview on the latest in materials, welding equipment, innovations and industrial applications. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with the leaders in resistance welding.

Welding Gone Wrong

Welding Accident Leads to Investigation
Sheboygan County Sheriff’s officials say a man was arrested for violating his parole following an explosion at a home in Waldo on Saturday, February 20th. Materials to make explosives and fireworks, including unknown chemicals were recovered from the man’s home, and some neighbors had to be evacuated.



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