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Which Plasma Cutter is right for your application?

A plasma cutter provides a simple, clean, and efficient way to safely cut metal. They are particularly popular with large cutting operations because they don’t require a pre-heating cycle, cut a wide variety of metals. Miller Plasma cutters can cut through up to 7/8 inch steel and stainless steel and up to 5/8 inch aluminum!

Tips For Welding Square Tubing

Welding square tubing successfully can be accomplished in the same manner in which any other material is welded.  On a standard 45 degree corner, you will use one fillet weld, one corner weld and two flat welds.

Get Ready to Weld with the Right Plasma Cutter

The ability to cut metal is what neatly and quickly can save you a ton of time in your welding operation and in your home shop.

The Best-Selling Propane Cutting Outfit

One of the best selling products at Baker’s Gas and Welding these days is a Smith propane cutting set up that is listed as the following: Smith – American Classic Heavy Duty Cutting & Heating 510 Toolbox Outfit Propane. While MIG welders and high quality

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Video Tutorial on How to Cut with Alternate Fuels

Smith Equipment has provided a two-part series on how to cut with acetylene and alternative fuels with detailed safety and set up instructions. These videos are the perfect place to begin if you’re new to oxy-cutting or if you need a refresher on torch and