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The Best-Selling Propane Cutting Outfit

Propane Cutting Outfit

One of the best selling products at Baker’s Gas and Welding these days is a Smith propane cutting set up that is listed as the following: Smith – American Classic Heavy Duty Cutting & Heating 510 Toolbox Outfit Propane. While MIG welders and high quality gloves tend to be the best-sellers, there are a few very good reasons why a propane cutting and heating outfit is currently among the best selling products at the Baker’s website.

The Acetylene Shortage

Since acetylene has experienced a supply shortage after its main manufacturer in America suffered a tragic explosion, many acetylene users have had to explore alternative fuels. As they move to alternative fuels for oxy-cutting, they are discovering that fuels such as propane can perform quite well provided they are used with the proper equipment. Propane is one of the many alternative fuels that Baker's offers.

The Quality of Propane as a Cutting Fuel

Used with the appropriate torch, and in cutting metals with the outer part of the cone, propane can be a very effective cutting fuel. Though it takes slightly longer to preheat than acetylene, many welders don’t notice a major drop in productivity with propane as a cutting fuel. In addition, using an additive such as HGX enables propane to cut at a higher temperature.

If you’re switching over from acetylene to propane, then it’s important to buy a hose that is specially designed for propane so that it won’t deteriorate. Also the injector torch that is specifically designed for propane will help you cut at higher temperatures.

Baker’s Low Prices for Gas and Welding Products

Another reason for the sudden rise in Smith Propane Cutting Outfit sales is the low price. Baker’s regularly offers competitive prices that are among the lowest online. Not only does Baker’s save you a trip to the store, Baker’s also offers a great price that is tough to beat.

Here is what comes with a Smith outfit:

  • High impact plastic toolbox to safely transport oxy-fuel equipment.
  • Smith’s revolutionary Dual Guard™ system which combines a flashback arrestor built into the torch head with their proven in-tip gas mixing technology. This combination greatly improves operator safety and increases torch life.
  • Torches are covered by Smith’s “Lifetime” warranty, the longest and strongest in the industry.
  • Rugged, highly accurate regulators that are backed by a 3 year limited warranty.
  • Safety and operations manual.
  • 2 cutting tips, welding tip, heating tip and reverse flow check valves.
  • Cuts Up To 8” (203mm) & 244,000 Output BTUs Propane

You can learn how to set up a propane cutting torch by watching this excellent tutorial from Smith Equipment. The actual cutting process is just as quick as acetylene, and this video will show you how to create the best set up for your new cutting equipment. You can also get started by checking out Baker’s oxy-cutting resources listed below.



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