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Finding Welding Work Overseas

With the current state of our economic and job situations, many welders are trying to find areas that they can branch into or to relocate to areas where welding is highly sought after.  Welders can make a lot of money when the economy is stable,

The Importance of Calibrating Your Welding Machine

To ensure that your welding machine is operating at the appropriate levels it is important to have it calibrated and certified.  Calibrating your welding machine involves going through the meters on your welding machine and adjusting them until they meet the specifications set forth by

Getting Started in Pipeline Welding

In the construction industry, welders have some of the most coveted jobs. This is because they can negotiate for better benefits and higher pay thanks to having a difficult skill that is in high demand. Welders who work on pipelines often have to travel and

Options for a Long-Term Career in Welding

Everyone knows that prior to pursuing a career in welding it’s important to seek out the necessary education and certification in order to pass the tests given by prospective employers. In addition, some web sites talk about exciting welding jobs in exotic locations that pay big

The American Welding Society

The American Welding Society is an organization that provides guidelines and standards for the protection and development of the welding field.  It was developed when two existing welding committees were joined by President Woodrow Wilson.  The AWS was created to provide reference materials and guidelines

Is Pipe Welding in Your Future?

Pipe welding is one of the simplest techniques to learn and practice.  Although it is a simple and easy process, it has become one of the most in demand specialties. Pipe welders must undergo thorough training since this is a specialized field and many jobs