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Is Pipe Welding in Your Future?

Pipe Welding

Pipe welding is one of the simplest techniques to learn and practice.  Although it is a simple and easy process, it has become one of the most in demand specialties.

Pipe welders must undergo thorough training since this is a specialized field and many jobs include working on pipes that contain hazardous materials and gases.  Pipe welders must become certified in the field and are required to pass specialized tests based solely on the subject of pipe welding.

In pipe welding, the most popularly used method is gas shielded arc.  Although many welders are familiar with this method of welding, not any welder can be a pipe welder.  There are many regulations and specialized guidelines that need to be followed and learned before anyone attempts to become a professional pipe welder.

Once a welder has become certified in the field, there are many options available to them.  Since it is such a specialized field, the need for certified pipe welders has increased over the years.  With many new large companies becoming more involved in the transport of large volumes of oil, gas and other chemicals throughout the world using pipelines, there has never been such a demand for certified pipe welders as there is now.

If pipe welding seems like a field that might interest you, either as someone who is just getting ready to begin their welding career, or if you've been welding and are just looking for a change be sure to research which credentials are required in your state and seek an accredited training program to pursue your training.

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