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Miller Multimatic 220 vs. ESAB Rebel 205

Miller Multimatic 220 vs. ESAB Rebel 205

The team at Baker’s Gas and Welding has everything you need to compare the Miller Multimatic 220 vs the ESAB Rebel 205 multiprocess welders. We answered many of your questions about these two machines so that you can make the choice that matches your welding goals. This video was made when the machines launched, but below we have all of the updated information on the hottest AC/DC units to date.

Biggest Differences Miller vs ESAB

Miller’s Multimatic 220 is extremely easy to use and has some nice features to make it super simple to switch between processes. Seamlessly transition with the tap of the MIG gun or foot control to switch processes. This in conjunction with Auto-Set makes set up simple, quick and accurate. The ESAB Rebel 205 has significantly more flexibility and adjustments on AC TIG side. If you are interested in learning more on that watch this video. Additional the 205 wins for durability with the roll cage design and IP rating making it slightly more robust than the Miller 220. 

Which Multiprocess Welder Has Better AC Output?

While both machines offer a steady and reliable source of AC power, the ESAB Rebel 205 has a better range of AC power throughout its settings. If AC power is your priority, go with ESAB since they both have comparable DC Power output.

Which Welder Has Better MIG Welding Options?

The Multimatic 220 tends to have a better MIG welding setup with its superior MIG gun and smooth drive roll set up for feeding wire. The quick set options with Auto-Set and easy wire changing system puts it over the top for MIG welders.

ESAB has a good MIG gun as well, but the drive roll setup is not ideal if you’re swapping your wires frequently.

Which Is the Best Welding Machine for a First Time Welder?

First time welding?

Miller is more user-friendly right out of the box, offering simple setup and setting options that new welders will enjoy, especially the MIG options paired with Auto-Set.

However, once you gain a little experience setting up your machine and welding, the ESAB Rebel 205 will have a wider range of performance options. You’ll be able to get a lot more done with the ESAB welder. The Rebel is also ideal for TIG welding on AC. Smart MIG is the ESAB automatic parameters and adjustments. 

Is it Worth the Jump to the Miller Multimatic 220?

Compared to the previous models of the Multimatic, the new 220 is a significant upgrade that is worth the price. The Multimatic 215 will not TIG weld aluminum but it is smaller so it does depend on what you are using it for and what your future needs will be. We think it is worth the price to go with the Miller 220!

Should I Choose Miller’s Auto-Set or ESAB’s Smart MIG?

Auto-Set on the Multimatic is user-friendly because it’s plug-and-play. Once a welder enters the parameters of the metal and the consumables, the machine gives automatic settings so that you can start welding immediately.

Smart MIG is better for repeatability, make consistent welds for a big project. Once it tunes in to your preferences, it welds really effectively.

However, both machines have their strengths based on your experience and application.

Are ESAB Consumables Hard to Find in Stores?

ESAB consumables for ESAB Rebel 205

Compared to Miller, ESAB consumables are harder to find in stores, but if you shop on Baker’s online store, you’re all set. Any order over $99 for either Miller or ESAB will ship to you for free (excludes HI and AK). In regards to support both manufactures are standing behind products. ESAB has the 100% Satisfaction guarantee which is unheard of in the welding industry. Miller has a reputation that welders know and trust and customer service is a strong area for Miller for end users and distributors, paired with a no hassle 3 year True Blue Warranty

Which Welder Sells in Larger Numbers?

Both are best sellers here at Baker's but currently the Miller Multimatic 220 has out paced the Rebel 205. However the Rebel rebates and promos are a bit stronger on the Rebel making it gain popularity.

Which Machine Can Weld Thicker Metal?

Both machines can weld 24 gauge up to ⅜”,  so you don’t lose any capability as far as which material you can work on based on the machine.  

General Tips on Making This Purchase

Consider your priorities and anticipated usage. You can’t go wrong with either machine, but they do have areas of strength or emphasis. Make sure you check out the Baker’s Bundle on both machines. Baker’s put together all of the consumables you need to open the machine and get welding! 

Miller’s longevity is great and warranty is 3 years. The Multimatic 220 works great right out of the box and are ideal for beginners or experienced welders.

ESAB has the Iron Clad Pledge and is standing behind the machine 100%! ESAB Rebel welders also have a 3 year warranty. 

Baker’s is an authorized service center for both ESAB and Miller so in a few years we will let you know from the service stand point.

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