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Unleashing Welding Freedom: Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder

Unleashing Welding Freedom: Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder

Are you tired of being tethered to mains electricity for your welding needs? The Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder is here to liberate your welding experience. Whether you're on a bustling construction site or engaged in large-scale projects, this welding powerhouse allows you to weld with autonomy, unhindered by power constraints.

Face of Accupocket 150 welder

Key Features:

  1. Battery Powered Brilliance: The AccuPocket 150 runs on battery power, offering unparalleled flexibility. With the capability to weld up to 18 electrodes (3/32) or cover up to 124 inches on a single charge, you can tackle diverse welding tasks without interruption.

  2. Charge Level Visibility: Keep track of your welding stamina with the visible charge level displayed on the machine. This feature ensures you're always aware of how much power you have left, preventing any unwelcome surprises mid-task.

  3. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing in at a mere 24 lbs, the AccuPocket 150 is designed with mobility in mind. Its compact and lightweight build makes it the ideal companion for any job site, allowing you to effortlessly move from one welding project to the next.

  4. Easy Controls with Single Knob Operation: Simplify your welding experience with the AccuPocket's user-friendly controls. The single-knob operation lets you adjust settings effortlessly, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

  5. Convenient Storage in a Rolling Case: The AccuPocket 150 comes with a rolling wheeled storage case, providing both protection and convenience. Transporting your welding equipment has never been this easy, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

  6. Consistent Starts, No Sticking: Experience flawless starts with the AccuPocket 150. Say goodbye to frustrating sticking issues, as this welding marvel ensures consistent and reliable starts every time.

  7. Get to the Job Quicker with Quick Charge: Time is money in the welding business. The 30-minute Quick Charge feature gets you up and welding sooner, reducing downtime and increasing your overall productivity.

  8. 3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty: Invest in confidence with the AccuPocket 150, backed by a robust 3-year parts and labor warranty. Fronius stands by the durability and reliability of their product, providing you with peace of mind.

Included with Product:

  • AccuPocket 150/400 Power Source
  • ActiveCharger 1000
  • 13 ft. Ground Cable
  • 13 ft. Electrode Cable
  • PowerBox 180

Don't let power limitations dictate your welding capabilities. Experience the freedom and versatility that the Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder brings to the table. For inquiries, quotes, or additional information, reach out to Baker's Gas & Welding at 877-930-5690 or via email at Your welding journey just got a whole lot more dynamic!

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Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder - 49,0400,0000
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