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New Battery-Powered Portable Welding with AccuPocket Welders

Fronius AccuPocket Welder Doing a Repair on a roof

Mobile welders and welders who need a highly portable welding machine can save a lot of time and headaches with the new lightweight AccuPocket welding machine line that is now being carried at Baker’s Gas and Welding. With charging times between 30-45 minutes and secure carrying backpack cases, the AccuPocket 150 TIG/Stick Welder and AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder are  game-changers for mobile welding.

Fronius AccuPocket Welding machine doing a repair

Here’s an overview of the partnership and what kinds of machines you can expect to find:

About AccuPocket Welders

AccuPocket Welders are a product of Fronius, a family company that is driven by providing cutting edge technology tools that meet the needs of their customers.

With an emphasis on innovating to meet the challenges of customers, Fronius has delivered highly capable battery powered welders that ensure welders of all skill sets and industries don’t have to sacrifice on the quality of their welds when opting for a portable, battery powered welding solution.

The line of AccuPocket welders comes with a 3-year warranty, and each machine is designed to be sturdy and portable for a variety of welding applications.

The AccuPocket 150 TIG/Stick Welder

We’ve heard from many customers who are interested in the capabilities of this affordable and versatile welder. The Accupocket 150 DC stick welder has TIG capability and a notably light weight at 25 pounds for the amount of power it can be easily transported in a bag with straps or wheels. If you only want a stick welder, you can pick up a simpler Accupocket model.

Stick welding gets off to a great, hot start and the machine runs with a clean, tight arc when stick welding. HotStarts are made possible by increasing the power for a fraction of a second during ignition. There’s also a SoftStart function that stabilizes the arc and is ideal for electrodes that are welded with a low welding current (basic electrodes).

Use the TAC feature for quick tacking, since the pulsed arc puts the weld pools in motion, linking them together almost immediately, to make one single weld-pool. The TAC function is also very useful when welding light-gauge sheets without filler metal.

Wrap up TIG welds with a clean “TIG Comfort Stop.” This feature will shut off the welding current based on the length of arc. The end of the weld will be cleaner with a much better appearance because the length of the arc will not be elongated by moving the torch away from the weld puddle, losing the benefit of shielding gas.

Battery powered welding can burn through an estimated eight 1/8″ 7018 rods or up to eighteen 3/32″ electrodes. If you need a bit more time for a project, just tap into a compact 2 kVA generator. You’ll always know how much charge you have left based on your control display, and the controls are easily adjusted nobs.

Learn more about the AccuPocket 150 TIG/Stick Welder

Learn more about the AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder

Find More Welders from Fronius

You can bulk up your welding power options by picking up a the Fronius TransPocket 180 Stick Welder or the Fronius TransTig 230i Water-Cooled Welder, a high end TIG welding machine for professional fabrication projects.

If you’re in the multi-process market, consider the Fronius TransSteel 2200 Multiprocess Welder, which makes it a snap to swap one welding process for another. It combines MMA, MIG/MAG, and TIG, and weighs only 34.2 pounds for the portability that welders have come to expect from Fronius welders.


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Fronius TransTig 230i Water-Cooled Welder - 49,0400,0018

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