Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder - 49,0400,0000

By Fronius

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Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder - 49,0400,0000

By Fronius

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Revolutionary Welding Mobility
With the AccuPocket, access to mains electricity is no longer necessary. Welding tasks involving up to eight 1/8" 7018 rods or up to eighteen 3/32" electrodes can be carried out autonomously. A small, compact 2 kVA generator is sufficient for welding applications on a larger scale. And all without any restrictions on welding power or the quality of the arc. The very latest functional design, with dimensions reduced to a minimum, a low weight and a robust construction, make AccuPocket the perfect partner on any construction site.
Featured Operating Modes
  • Battery Mode - The Accupocket's Battery Mode is specially designed for repair welding on inaccessible sites without direct access to mains electricity, as well as being highly suitable for welding in electrically hazardous environments. In battery mode, the welding energy is drawn solely from the battery. A fully charged battery delivers sufficient power to weld up to eight 3.25 mm diameter electrodes or eighteen 2.5 mm diameter electrodes.
  • Generator-powered operation - Due to the low current consumption, a much smaller generator (2 kVA) can be used than for mains-connected appliances – with AccuPocket, having to use big, heavy 8 kVA generators is definitely a thing of the past. This makes mobile applications much easier and saves on investment outlays.
  • Hybrid Mode - In Hybrid mode, the unit can be used for welding at the same time as being charged. The integrated power reserve of the battery guarantees a constant arc – even in the event of mains voltage fluctuations – and prevents the mains fuse tripping if overvoltages occur. Even on a 120 V grid, the full output power of 150 A is possible.
Featured Technology

Fronius Accupocket Accuboost technology

AccuBoost Technology - AccuBoost brings tangible improvements to ignition properties, arc stability and arc dynamics. The integrated high-performance battery can provide very high short-circuit current for brief periods during welding and rliably minimizes electrode sticking. This perfect interplay between the battery and the welding electronics also makes it possible to have a high welding voltage at maximum power, which prevents annoying arc breaks. 

Accupocket Litium Ion technology
Lithium-ion Technology - The AccuPocket's battery is a high-performance iron-phosphate-based lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery with a capacity of approx. 400 Wh. This corresponds to 160 cm of a TIG weld seam produced in 17 minutes welding time or 18 3/32" electrodes. Complying with stringent safety standards, these battery cells put i na particularly convincing performance in high-power applications and stand out for the following attributes: high intrinsic reliability, no memory affect, long service life and low self discharge. 
Quick Features:
  • Battery Powered - This machine can weld up to 18 electrodes (3/32) or up to 124" on just a single charge

  • Charge Level -  Visible on Display

  • Light and Portable - Only 24 lbs

  • Easy Controls - Single knob to control settings

  • Convenient Storage - Rolling wheeled storage case

  • Consistent Starts - Perfect starts with no sticking

  • Get to the Job Quicker - 30 minute Quick Charge feature gets you up and welding sooner

3 year parts and labor warranty


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Included with Product

  • AccuPocket 150/400 Power Source

  • ActiveCharger 1000

  • 13 ft. Ground Cable

  • 13 ft. Electrode Cable

  • PowerBox 180

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    Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder - 49,0400,0000

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