Optrel Clearmaxx Face Shield w/ e3000X PAPR - 4900.251

By Optrel

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Optrel Clearmaxx Face Shield w/ e3000X PAPR - 4900.251

By Optrel

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Work With Your Own Climate Comfort Zone

Unlimited clear view of your workspace, filtered and clean air with adjustable air distribution makes the Clearmaxx PAPR a unique face and respiratory system. The system is NIOSH approved. Breathing air becomes cleaner by a factor of 500. This is a next level solution for air filtration with a clear view of the work space. 

Multi-Function System

The e3000x PAPR system with the Clearmaxx helmet offers the ultimate protection and filtration. Filters 99.8% of particles to keep you safe. The easy to change DIN5 front cover lens expands the system to the perfect protector for efficient plasma cutting, grinding, and all around protection. Work all day with the 18 hour battery life. Rechargeable lithium ion battery is included and spare batteries can be purchased separately. 


Having a minimized weight of only 495 grams, just a little over 1 lb. and an ergonomic fit, the Clearmaxx sets the new benchmarks in wearing comfort. The e3000X is less than 4 lbs for a total weight of less than 6 lbs.  

Adjustable Air Flow

Air flow levels allow for three levels of air flow giving the user the ability to adjust based on conditions. Each level increases the amount of air flowing through the helmet. A rotary switch inside the helmet can be used to adjust direction to the forehead area keeping eyes from getting dry or irritated. 

TH3 Certified Filtration

For rough environmental conditions, a highly efficient protection system is indispensable for ensuring that the wearer's state of health allows them to continue working. The Optrel e3000x ventilated breathing system with it integrated particle filter of the highest class of TH3 will reliably protect the user's airways from smoke, aerosol, and dust.

This will filter out 99.8% of the respirable particles, such as the following:

  • aluminum oxide
  • iron oxide
  • magnesium oxide
  • barium compounds
  • lead oxide
  • fluorides
  • copper oxide
  • manganese oxides
  • molybdenum oxide
  • vanadium pentoxide
  • chrome (III) compounds
  • chrome (IV) compounds
  • zinc oxide
  • titanium oxide
  • nickel oxide
  • cobalt oxide
  • cadmium oxide
  • beryllium oxide

This includes infectious viruses transmitted through air (e.g. droplet infection). For more information on the PAPRs filtration capabilities, read our blog post here!

Included with Product

Complete system with e3000x blower motor with hose, TH3 HEPA filter, spark arrestor, battery with charger, belt and Clearmaxx helmet with seal. 

  • Blower unit with hose (e3000x)
  • Clearmaxx helmet with seal 
  • TH3P R SL Filter
  • Battery
  • Fabric Belt
  • Charger
  • User Instructions
  • *Limited Time: FREE Extra Filter

Cleaning Instructions 

Click to open full document. 

Optrel Cleaning

Demo Video


Click to view the entire Spec Sheet.

 Optrel Clearmaxx Grinding Face Shield and PAPR Spec Sheet


Optrel Clearmaxx Face Shield w/ e3000X PAPR - 4900.251

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