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Optrel e3000X PAPR with Clearmaxx Face Shield has Arrived

High Respiratory Protection PAPR with Face Shield from Optrel
Baker's is excited to announce the next level PAPR solution from Optrel. Possibilities are endless with the Clearmaxx Face Shield e3000X PAPR combination.  Unlimited clear view of your workspace, filtered and clean air with adjustable air distribution makes the Clearmaxx PAPR a unique face and respiratory system.
Clearmaxx PAPR Optrel
The Optrel Clearmaxx with the e3000X PAPR is the most powerful ventilated breathing protection system on the market. Don't just take our word for it, we are going to break down the facts of this remarkable new product. Highest level of respiratory protection in its class. 

Highest Safety Class

The e3000X protects against smoke, aerosols, and dust with an unlimited clear view of you workspace through the Clearmaxx Shield. Air is evenly distributed with three levels of adjustability. Level 1 is up to 170 liters of fresh air per minute. The average competitive product peaks around 200, and the e3000X is in level 2. Level 3 provides 240 liters of fresh air per minute which is truly next level. 

This system filters 10 times more dirt out of the air which is 99.8% filtration! Air is directed in all the right places avoiding the eye area. A rotary switch inside the helmet can be used to feed 20% of the cool air to the forehead. 

The easy to change DIN5 front cover lens expands the system to the perfect protector for efficient plasma cutting, grinding, and all around protection. Mountain breeze filter reduces the odor coming through the filter. 

Days can be long, but with the 18 hour battery this system can make it through the whole day with you. Clear anti fog view through the shield keeps user safe from both physical and chemical hazards. Clearmaxx combined with the e3000X PAPR makes the perfect solution for countless applications. 
Clearmaxx PAPR system is NIOSH approved in the United States.

Comfort and Versatility

Okay so this is technically the most advanced solution on the market, but is it lacking in the area of comfort and functionality? The answer is no, they truly thought of everything with this solution. Weight comes in just a little over a pound (495 grams.) The shoulder harness evenly distributes the weight across the back with a 3 point adjustability system so you can make it fit your needs.
We asked several users what they thought of the comfort and they described it as non interfering to the point they nearly forgot they were wearing respiratory protection.
Optrel Clearmaxx FaceShield and PAPR with high level of respiratory protection

Filters out 99.8% of the respirable particles, such as the following:

  • aluminum oxide
  • iron oxide
  • magnesium oxide
  • barium compounds
  • lead oxide
  • fluorides
  • copper oxide
  • manganese oxides
  • molybdenum oxide
  • vanadium pentoxide
  • chrome (III) compounds
  • chrome (IV) compounds
  • zinc oxide
  • titanium oxide
  • nickel oxide
  • cobalt oxide
  • cadmium oxide
  • beryllium oxide

This includes infectious viruses transmitted through air (e.g. droplet infection).


Truly a unique system representing a new level of face and respiratory protection. Safety is the priority and this solution protects the users face and lungs from any harmful contaminants in the work environment. We did make a full review video so be sure to check that out! We show trying on the system and go over all of the details.


If you are not familiar with Optrel they are a technology company focused on eye protection products. In the welding world the Crystal 2.0, Panoramaxx  and Clearmaxx are highly rated for clarity and quality. Optrel equipment is made in Switzerland and designed to provide innovative solutions. 

All Optrel helmets come with a 2 year warranty and an additional 1 year when you register your helmet! If you want to learn more or get a custom quote please contact us. We have experts to help you determine if this is a solution for you.

**PAPR COVID-19 Note**

With the current pandemic we are aware of the increased demand for protective equipment. We have received a lot of questions and inquiries about PAPR options and below are the facts Optrel has provided.

This Optrel PAPR solution removes 99.8% of harmful solid and liquid airborne particles to deliver clean, filtered breathing air. The Clearmaxx Shield provides eye protection to prevent infection through the eyes without compromising view or comfort. 

This does include infectious viruses transmitted through the air in the form of  droplet infection. 

Compared to the best in class filter mask (class FFP3), the safety of the user is increased by a factor of ten or even by a factor of 40 when using FFP2 masks. 

Clear view of work space and keeps user from touching face while wearing the Clearmaxx Shield. 

**Please note: Important note is that this product is NIOSH approved, not FDA approved. The FDA governs the healthcare industry. Recently the FDA granted "emergency use authorization" to industrial PAPR use in healthcare. (Optrel Statement Clearmaxx and E3000X PAPR and COVID-19) 

Want to buy or get more info on the Optrel e3000x Clearmaxx PAPR, click here!

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Are the p100 filters on respirators just as efficient than the optrel papr with Clearmaxx helmets

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