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3 Car Welding Project Ideas

3 Car Welding Project Ideas

One of the best parts of being a welder is being able to customize things exactly to your liking. Your car is the perfect canvas to let your creativity loose. With a little practice, the right welding machine, and some instructions to point you in the right direction, you’ll be good to go.


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All of these posts involve fabrication, the process of designing, creating, and finishing a metal product from scratch. Here are 3 car welding project ideas that can take your car to the next level.

Custom Exhaust, Car Welding Project

Every car needs a venting system, but you don’t have to settle for stock. In fact, many stock exhaust systems can restrict airflow.

Create your own custom exhaust system to up your car game. There is no “one size fits” all approach to this welding project, a custom, aftermarket exhaust system can provide more power to your engine and give you that powerful growl sound.

Unless you’re planning on fabricating your own pipes, you’ll want to purchase an exhaust kit that meets the needs of your project. Each kit may offer different styles of bends and be made from different materials, so take this into consideration when matching a kit to your vehicle and welding tools.

To increase flow it’s best to weld your pipes in order of the following angles: first weld your 45° angles, followed by 90° and 180° bends. Be sure to clean your pipes with alcohol before attaching your new kit to existing exhaust.

Custom Bumper, Car Welding Project

One way to add exterior style and to customize your vehicle is by adding a custom bumper. Custom bumpers can be essential especially if you regularly take your vehicle off-road and can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

Start by designing your bumper and marking out your cuts, and then cut your pieces using a plasma cutter. Bend and shape your bumper before lining up your pieces and welding them into one solid piece, using clamps as needed. Grind your angles and welds smooth before bolting the piece onto your car or truck.

Gear Shifter, Car Welding Project

There are endless ways to customize your gear shifter and give your car a truly custom look and feel. A few custom shifter knobs include skulls, vintage microphones, and uniquely fabricated pieces. This spring’s auto shows will be full of creative shifter ideas, so just look at the news from these events to get ideas.

You can add height and thickness, change angles, and make changes to the shaft of your shifter as well as your knob. Many custom fabricators create a whole new gear shift rather than just swapping out the knob or top piece. Once your creation is complete, install and test for sturdiness before putting it in reverse and hitting the road.

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