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Father’s Day Welding Projects & Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is right around the corner so that means it's time for a gift for Dad. We have put together a list of welding projects you can do yourself. You can practice your welding skills and make a meaningful hand-made gift for fathers day. Read below to get some ideas and if you can't weld, we linked some affordable gifts to get for Fathers Day.

Wine Bottle Holder

Wine bottle holder welding project

If you have some old chain laying around and an hour or so of time this is a great project for you. This is a great way to display your Dads favorite bottle of wine or whiskey. Check out the full set of instructions here.

Firepit Welding Project

custom welded fire pit

Summer is here and with it grilling and backyard barbecue season. Enhance your Dad’s backyard by creating a custom fire pit in your welding shop. You can make it from scratch with metal sheeting and new materials or repurpose old barrels or tire rims. This is easily one of the most customizable welding projects out there so don’t be afraid to get creative and create a pit that’s one of a kind for your dad.

Welded Picture Frame

If you have some mild steel or other metal laying around you can make a custom picture frame. The size is completely up to you so there is a lot of room for creativity here. If you are using mild steel be sure to use ER70S-6 filler metals.

Welded picture frame


Custom Coat Rack

This video does a great job explaining the process of making a coat rack. The possibilities are endless with designs on this as well, for example use horseshoes instead of metal rods for the rack.

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If you attempt any of these projects or come up with some other Father’s Day Welding Projects, show us your creations on our Facebook or Instagram. If you decide to go with a traditional gift, check out Bakers Welding Gifts Under $50. If you don't know exactly what they need you can also play it safe and get a Bakers Gas gift card. Lastly, If you have a little one that wants to help Dad out while he welds check out the welding gloves for kids from Blue Demon.


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