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3 Welding Projects for Welding Students and High School Shop Classes

Welding Students

School is back in session, which means teachers are back to racking their brains on how to engage and educate them. If you’re a high school educator who teaches a welding trade class, you want projects that will help your students learn the basics of a welding career. The ideal welding project covers several fundamental techniques while engaging the student and providing them with something they’re excited to take home. 

If you’re a teacher looking for a few good welding projects, we salute you! Keep reading for 3 high school level welding projects you can easily incorporate into your classroom. 

Piggy Bank Welding Project

Sure, most high school students have switched to purses, wallets, or Apple Pay, but there is something nostalgic about a piggy bank. This piggy bank welding project teaches basic spot welding, making the messy welds a part of this project’s charm. Rather than a rounded bank, this project has squared edges and is a great way to use up scrap metal sheeting. 

First, make a pattern for your welding project, cutting two symmetrical sides for your pig, as well as legs and middles pieces (about 2 inches wide.) 

Assemble your project, trimming as needed and use a bit of leftover metal for the ears and tail. Attach 2 washers or end caps for eyes and your piggy is ready!

(Project courtesy of EvilTwinX on YouTube) 

Horseshoe Cat Welding Project

Whether or not you’re a cat lover this project uses classic horseshoes along with a few other simple materials, making it perfect for beginners. For this project you’ll need 3 horseshoes, 2 washers, a few leftover nails, and a piece of threaded bar.


Start by grinding your horseshoes smooth, removing rust and damage. To assemble your cat, lay out your washers and nails to shape the eyes, nose, and whiskers, tack welding the pieces into place. 

Next weld two sets of two nails into a point and attach them to the top of a horseshoe with even spacing, creating your ears. Create your tail by bending your threaded bar into a curvy shape. 

To finish, weld two horseshoes together, feet down, at a 45° angle, creating your body and legs. Finally, attach your head and tail, finishing with paint if you’d like. 

(Project Courtesy of the Poultry People on YouTube)

Steel Vase Welding Project

Perfect for an end of the year project, this project teaches your students to shape flat metal into 3-D objects. Allow each student to design their own vase, laying out their pattern on paper before cutting. 

Steel vase welding project

Once they have a handle on how their project will come together it’s time to choose materials, and cut, using a thin disc angle grinder. This is another great project if you’re looking to use up a pile of scrap metal. Finally, bend and shape your vase and weld each piece into place. You’ll want to grind angles smooth as you go, ensuring a smooth and beautiful finished product- perfect for holding flowers just in time for prom season. 

(For more details, check out this project on Instructables)

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