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Welding Projects for Pet Owners

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We’ve heard it said that “a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” The affection, laughter and surprise that come with pet ownership have been said to relieve stress, improve mood and overall elevate your life. On the other hand, if you’ve ever been a pet owner, you know that having a dog, cat, rabbit, parrot or iguana is much more enjoyable when you have the right set up.

That’s why this month we’re going to help you use your welding skills to simplify your life with your pets, if you have them. If not, perhaps you can grab a few gift ideas for the dog or cat enthusiast in your life or a few profitable ideas for a local pet shop.

Dog (or Cat) Bed Welding Project

Dog beds are a functional part of life with your pet, but they’re not always durable or attractive. You can use your welding skills to change all that by creating a custom dog bed that works for your space. Start by welding a metal base from square metal tubing and then fill in the frame with reclaimed wood.

Similarly, you can weld a small bed frame with rails and a pre-purchased dog pillow as a mattress of sorts. This project is easy to personalize and can be as unique as you and your pet.

Dog or Cat Metal Sculpture Welding Project

Garden sculptures lend a fun and personal vibe to your outdoor space and speak to the personality of all who call your house, home. To create some, use scrap metal and found materials to weld a garden statue of any animal imaginable.

A few easy to come by ideas are: nails, springs, shovel heads, screws, barrels, sheet metal and old golf club heads. These statutes also have the potential for side job income at both online and at local retail stores.

Food and Water Stand Welding Project

Create an attractive and functional feeding station for your pet by blending together wood and metal for a raised food and water bowl stand. Use metal tubing to build your base according to the standing height and size of the pet you have in mind.

Once your base is solid and level, finish by attaching a water sealed wood top, with two cut outs for the bowls of your choosing. The bowls will remove for easy filling and clean up and the raised height can alleviate back pain in some dogs by eliminating bending over for a drink.

Scrap Metal Cat or Dog Flower Pot Welding Project

According to the calendar, spring is almost here, and soon we’ll be heading out to our gardens to bring them back to life for the summer. Add a bit of whimsy to your garden or front porch by  creating a cat or dog inspired planter out of scrap metal.

The beauty of using scraps is that you may already have everything you need in your shop at the moment. This project also makes for a great mother’s or father’s day gift idea.

Leash and Key Hook Welding Project

Organize the comings and goings of your entire household by welding a key hook and leash rack to hang by your most used entryway. This way when your pet is ready for a walk you’ll be ready too. You can use metal sheeting or even your plasma cutter to create a customize shape like a bone, fish, or the silhouette of your dog’s breed. Don’t forget to include some mess bags to keep on happy terms with your neighbors.

Life with pets can be rich and rewarding and the more you personalize your home to support that, the happier you will all be. We’d love to see how you use your welding skills to care for your furrier friends, so post your creations and ideas on our facebook page by clicking here.

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