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Swiss Air by Optrel the NO HELMET Required PAPR!

Swiss Air by Optrel the NO HELMET Required PAPR!
This product truly is the most versatile respiratory protection system on the market!  The FR washable mask attaches to the filtration system for fresh clean air (clean as the Swiss Alps) directed right to your nose and mouth. Once you have it adjusted you almost forget you have it on, it is that comfortable. Plus it can be worn under ANY welding helmet or grinding shield for a full PAPR solution. Unlike any other PAPR it can be worn independently with no helmet to filter 99.98% of contaminants in the air. 

Seem too good to be true? We have had the Optrel Swiss Air system and have been using it for about a month. We are impressed with the comfort and ability to use it alone or with our favorite welding helmet. We are going to break down all the facts below on what you need to know before considering this solution. 
The Mask

This might be the most powerful "mask" of 2021! This is the only positive pressure respirator that is truly filtering the air to the highest level possible. Made of a durable, light, FR, washable material that fully covers your nose and mouth. Nose piece at the top keeps there from being a gap based on different face shapes. Y shaped hose links to the backpack system.

Swiss Air Mask
This mask is tough. You can literally throw it in the washer in between uses. If you need a spare you can purchase additional to replace or alternate if needed. The only tricky part is figuring out for the first time how to adjust. Once you make a few adjustments and turn it on you will never want to use a different PAPR! 
99.98% Filtration 

The Optrel TH3 certified filter protects from all of the contaminants in the air including more hazardous fumes you find in industrial environments. (aluminum oxide, iron oxide, lead oxide, welding fumes, and more) 

TH3 Filter

All Day Comfort & Protection 

This is a system you can wear all day. The backpack evenly distributes the 1.25lbs. The rechargeable battery lasts 14 hours. This is truly a solution for protection. Most PAPR systems are not this functional and comfortable for long periods of time. If you keep it on you stay protected. One of our favorite features on this system is actually the fact that you can adjust it right at your shoulder. 

If you want to learn more contact us and be sure to check out our review video below! Up close view of the system in use! 

All Optrel helmets come with a 2 year warranty and an additional 1 year when you register your helmet! If you want to learn more or get a custom quote please contact us. We have experts to help you determine if this is a solution for you. If you are a business please contact us about a custom quote or trial. 
With the current pandemic we are aware of the increased demand for protective equipment. We have received a lot of questions and inquiries about PAPR options. This Optrel PAPR solution removes 99.8% of harmful solid and liquid airborne particles to deliver clean, filtered breathing air. The Swiss Air mask is reusable and is far more effective than a standard N95. A fit test is not required.  Compared to the best in class filter mask (class FFP3), the safety of the user is increased by a factor of ten or even by a factor of 40 when using FFP2 masks. If you need complete protection including your eyes you should wear a grinding shield, safety glasses, or consider the Clearmaxx PAPR option. 

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