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Optrel Helix Helmets - The Perfect Helmet For An Industrial Welder

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A lot of welders areĀ working in hazardous conditions. Whether it be high heat, intense light, or harmful fumes, there areĀ a number of things to keep yourself protected from while welding. Optrel has come up with a solution to cover all of these potential hazards, the Helix helmet lineup.

Features & Technology

The Helix lineup of helmets has aĀ couple of stand out features that make this helmet unique. Not all welders will need these features, but those that do will find this helmet to be one of the best options.

Internal Flip Up Lens -Ā The ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) on the Helix helmetĀ is capable of flipping up over the top of your head, leaving just the grinding shield. There areĀ other helmets that can do that but the transition from ADF to grind shield on the Helix is unique because it is all internal. This would be helpful for work in dark or tight areas where you may not have the height or the space to flip up a full sized hood.

Balance & Weight Distribution - On most other Flip-Up welding helmets the weight isn't distributed across the helmet evenly. With all of the material and hinges that need to be in place, there is going to be more weight towards the front. Optrel has found a way around that with the Helix. The Helix line of helmets distributes the weight across your head evenly making it more comfortable and less likely to irritate the back of your head. The Helix only weighs 40 grams more (about the weight of two AA batteries) than the Panoramaxx series helmetsĀ while still having the flip up lens and hard hat.

Field of View and PAPR Compatibility -Ā ļ»æThe Helix line of helmets doesn't cut corners anywhere. The viewing area on theĀ Helix is very wide and does not give you tunnel vision like other flip up helmets. The clear lens is cut back deep on the helmet sides to let in light and give the user greater peripheral vision. To top it all off the Helix family of helmets is compatible with the Swiss Air PAPR. This makes this helmet the ideal choice for someone that needs hard hat and PAPR protection on a job site.

Ā Helmet Variants

The Helix helmetsĀ comes in three different variations. The Quattro, CLT, and 2.5. The Quattro is the more heavy industry or high amperage welding focused out of the three. With the ability to adjust the darkening range from 4-14. The CLT is the standard package of the helmet with shade adjustment range of 7-12. The final option the 2.5, has a shade range of 5-12 and has a light state of 2.5. This means more light is let into the ADF when not darkened, making it easier to do prep work.Helix Helmet Lineup

Who is the Helix designed for?

The Helix lineup of helmets has a unique spot in Optrel's helmet offerings. The Helix is more geared towards the heavy duty/industrial welder that needs a hard hat or the flip up ADF. Many job sites require hard hats so this helmet will allow you to take those jobs. The flip up ADF could also be very helpful to welders that find themselves in confined spaces.Ā  If you are on a job site that does not require a hard hat it is recommended to go with one of the Panoramaxx helmets from Optrel.

Overall the Helix helmets are a great addition to Optrel's family of helmets.Ā This helmet brings a solution to those that need a to meet certain safety standards on a job. The optional PAPR and removable hardhat make this a versatile helmet that can cover all of your bases, whether in a fabrication shop or industrial job site. If you have any questions on the Helix helmets or any of our other products reach out to our support team. Support can be reached at support@bakersgas.com or give us a call at 877-930-5690.

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