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Welding Helmets and Welders from Miller Electric Are on Sale

Welding Helmets and Welders from Miller Electric Are on Sale

Miller Electric’s Build with Blue sale at Baker’s Gas and Welding is the time to take your welding shop to the next level with a long list of limited time discounts on welders, plasma cutters, and welding helmets. You’ll find the best deals on the internet thanks to Baker’s low prices, Miller’s rebates, and the many add-on offers that include free outside lens covers for a Miller Digital Infinity welding helmet and a free 30 oz YETI insulated cup with several select purchases.

Here’s what you can expect to find in this round of Build with Blue:

The Miller Multimatic 215

This game-changing welder that offers a full range of MIG, flux-cored, DC TIG and DC stick welding carries a price that is already slashed by nearly $400 at Baker’s Gas and Welding, but the Build with Blue rebate offers an additional $200 in savings, making this one of the best prices you’ll find around. Toss in additional packages and offers for the aluminum package or extra contact tips, and you’ll be set up to weld just about anything, just about anywhere.

Everything about the Multimatic is designed for quick, easy, versatile use. The intuitive LCD interface makes it a snap to adjust your parameters, while the auto-set elite option helps welders easily switch materials and processes, getting started quickly while also fine tuning their settings.

Learn more about the Multimatic 215 today.

The Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREME XT30  Plasma Cutter

Pack in the power and the savings with the Miller Spectrum that merges a $100 rebate with nearly $400 in savings off the list price. Cut reliably in a variety of settings on 115 or 230 VAC with a series of protection systems and power factor correction to ensure both your safety and an efficient use of power. Engine driven generators also work great with the Spectrum, making it a truly portable cutting system.

Cuts with the Spectrum are clean and smooth thanks to the LVC line voltage compensation that ensures a constant power source, and the arc starts without needing high-frequency. The torch is designed to prevent blow back and has post flow cooling circuit protecting ensures the consumables and torch will last longer and work better over time.

Learn more about the Miller Spectrum 375 Plasma Cutter

Miller Millermatic 211 MIG Welder w/ Advanced Auto Set

Miller’s long-time top selling MIG welder is marked down by over $300 and comes with a $100 rebate from Miller that makes this popular MIG welder a great deal. Manufactured with a durable angled cast aluminum drive system and easily adapted to aluminum wire welding projects with a spool gun, the 211 MIG welder helps welders get a jump on their projects and offers the assurance of a reliable welder for the long term.

Fan on Demand power minimizes wear and tear on the machine, cooling it down only when needed. Thermal overload protection notifies welders to shut the machine down when airflow is blocked or it exceeds its duty cycle. Miller’s welders also offer a smooth-start feature that is spatter-free and easy for any beginner to learn in no time.

Learn more about the Millermatic 211 MIG Welder

Get the Full List of Welders on Sale

There’s plenty more to this major sale from Miller Electric. Visit the Build with Blue page at Baker’s Gas and Welding to get the full list of machines and other products on sale.

Find Welders and Welding Supplies on Sale Today

The best deals on Miller welding machines and welding gear are running right now at Baker’s Gas and Welding. This current Build with Blue promotion is set to end on December 31, 2017, so start shopping now. Read reviews from other customers, check out the accessory packages, and learn how you can get free or highly discounted add-ons to get the most value out of your purchase. Baker’s offers free ground shipping on most orders, so you’ll have your new welder, plasma cutter, or welding helmet soon after you place your order.

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