Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder - 907693

By Miller Electric

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Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder - 907693

By Miller Electric

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The Miller 215 is an all-in-one, easy-to-use and versatile MIG, Stick and DC TIG welder that helps build skills. LCD color screen featuring Auto-Set Elite. This all-in-one welder connects to 120 or 240 volt input power. Making it extremely mobile being able to connect to a common 120 receptacle. Welds up to 3/8" mild steel.

Multiprocess Capabilities
Miller Multiprocess 907693


MIG (GMAW), flux-cored (FCAW), DC stick (DC SMAW) and DC TIG (DC GTAW) processes, allowing you to expand your skills. There are two gas connections on the back of the machine—one for MIG and one for TIG.

Inverter Technology
Miller 215 - 907693


Inverter technology combines best-in-class arc characteristics with the portability of a 38-pound machine. The arc is extremely forgiving to variations in arc length and travel speeds.

Miller 215 - 907693


Smooth-Start™ provides smooth, spatter-free MIG starts.  

Fan on Demand

Miller Multimatic 215 - 907693

Fan-On-Demand™ power source cooling system operates only when needed, reducing noise, energy use and the amount of contaminants pulled though the machine. This machine is also intelligent enough to shut itself down when airflow is blocked or duty cycle is exceeded. Making your job safer and protecting your machine.

Generator Compatible

Miller 215 - 907693

The Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder will be able to operate and provide full output when powered by generators with 10000 Watt (10K) output or higher, such as a Miller Bobcat or Trailblazer series generator. Limited output will occur when used with smaller generators.

Color LCD with Auto-Set Elite

Color LCD

Auto-Set Elite can be used on multiple materials and multiple processes with the ability to fine-tune your settings. Simple to set up and use!

Two Gas Connections

There are two gas connection on the back of the machine - one for MIG and one for TIG. Making set up easier!

Auto Spool Gun Detect

Auto Spool Gun Detect automatically detect when a MIG gun or spool gun is connected eliminating the need for a switch. The Spoolmate 100 and 150 are compatible with the Multimatic 215 for aluminum applications.

Angled Drive System with Quick Select Drive Roll

Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder - Angled Drive Roll System with Quick Select - 907693

Robust, angled wire drive with Quick Select drive roll. The Quick Select drive roll offers three grooves- two for different size solid wire and a third for flux-cored wire.

Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP)

Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder - Multi-voltage plug (MVP) connect to 120 or 240 V Receptacles - 907693

Multi-voltage plug (MVP) allows connection to common 120 or 240 V power receptacles without the use of any tools— simply choose the plug that fits the receptacle and connect to the power cord. This allows you to tackle any job site!

Thermal Overload Protection

The all-in-one 215 automatically shuts down the power source if airflow through the unit is blocked or the duty cycle is exceeded.

  • TIG Kit is sold Separately
  • Shielding Gas
  • Safety Equipment
  • Spool Gun for aluminum welding

True Blue

Included with Product

  • Power Source-Multimatic 215

  • 6.5 ft power cord with MVP plugs for 120 V and 240 V power

  • 10 ft MDX-100 MIG gun and cable assembly

  • 13 ft cable electrode holder and 25mm Dinse-style connector

  • 10' work cable with clamp and 25mm Dinse-style connector

  • Flow gauge regulator and gas hose for argon and AR/CO2 mix

  • Hobart spool of .030" (0.8 mm) solid wire

  • Two contact tips for .030" (0.8 mm) wire

  • Quick Select drive roll for .024" (0.6 mm) or .030/.035" (0.8/.09 mm) solid wire and .030/.035" flux-cored wire

  • Material thickness gauge (229895)

  • Hook-and-loop cord wraps

*Does not include TIG Kit -- (301337) can be added separately 


Click the image below to view the full spec sheet
Multimatic 215 Spec Sheet


Baker's Bundle Includes

Miller 211 & 215 Ready to Weld Bundle
  • Miller Machine Cover - 301262
  • Miller Consumable Kit for .030 & .035 Wire - 1299MDX100
  • Irwin Welpers - 1873303
  • Blue Demon .035 2# Welding Wire - ER70S6-035-02
  • Anchor Wire Brush - 102-387
Consumable Kit
  • Miller AccuLock .030 tips 10pk - T-M030
  • Miller AccuLock .035 tips 10pk - T-M035
  • Miller Thread On Brass 1/2" Flush Nozzles- 2pk  -NS-M1200B
  • Miller AccuLock Diffusers -2pk -D-M100
  • Miller Sticker

    *Optional bundles and accessories can be added from drop-down menu*



    Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder - 907693

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