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Titanium Welding Tips

Titanium Welding Tips

The process of welding titanium requires experience and knowledge in the proper welding techniques.  Using the wrong technique when welding titanium has been known to cause weld contamination and defects.  Titanium can be welded much like any other metal, with a few differences that require different welding procedures to be used.  Titanium has a higher melting point and lower ductility than common steel.  Titanium is also more prone to becoming contaminated during the welding process unlike steel and other alloys.

Before welding titanium, it is crucial that the welder ensure that the weld wire and joints are clean.  It is also important that the welder purge the trailing shield, back-up shield and torch to remove any air that may be trapped inside.  Welding titanium requires more attention to cleanliness than other metals; any accumulation of contaminants on the titanium weld area can degrade the properties of the metal.  If the welder should happen to notice any dirt on the weld wire while inspecting their equipment, it can be easily removed using a cleaning solvent which does not contain chlorine.  If any of the other welding components need to be cleaned prior to welding, they can be cleaned using a mild detergent or other mild cleaning solution and thoroughly rinsed with hot water.  Whenever cleaning has been performed using solvents, the process must be followed by brushing using a stainless steel brush.  Steel wool should never be used when cleaning titanium because it affects the corrosion resistance of the metal.

When welding titanium it is important that the welder use an auxiliary inert shielding gas.  The root side of the titanium welds and other areas that will be affected by the welding heat should be shielded until the temperature reaches 800 degrees Fahrenheit or below.  If the weld turns blue in color, the shielding gas was removed too soon.  Titanium is easily affected by the air, dirt, moisture and other metals.  Because titanium is a specialized metal, common welding techniques are not compatible with titanium because of the different reaction of titanium with fluxes and gases.  When welding titanium, it is important that the welding torch be able to be cooled by water and is equipped with gas lenses and ceramic cups.

Welding titanium is a specialized area of welding and should only be attempted by welders who have the necessary knowledge needed to successfully perform welds on titanium.  Welders also must remember that the space where you will be working should be as clean and free of contaminants as possible.  Working in a clean area will ensure that your welds are of high quality and free of contamination.

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