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How to Buy a MIG Welder with Enough Power

A MIG welder is an ideal machine for a wide variety of fabricating jobs at home or in a welding shop. The typical hobby welder who gets to work on his projects on the weekends may not want to shell out the $1700 for a

5 Ways to Simplify the TIG Welding Process

If anything can go wrong while welding, it will most likely go wrong while TIG welding. Technique and materials for TIG welding need to be just right. If there is ever a type of welding that demands a bit of practice and even jotting down

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How to Get Started with TIG Welding

If your resolution for this year involves learning a new way to weld, then you may want to give TIG welding a shot. TIG welding requires a little more skill and practice than the other welding methods, but it’s a very precise, clean, and versatile

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What You Need to Successfully TIG Weld

TIG welding requires the most pieces of equipment out of any welding process. Making sure you have what you need and that you’re using it correctly can make or break a welding project. One of the main principles for TIG welding is control. Each part

Blacksmithing vs. Welding

Welding and Blacksmithing are often associated and compared although they are different industries and require unique skills. This post will break-down the details of what it means to be a blacksmith and how it differs from welding.

What to Look for in a New MIG Welder

If you’re looking into a new MIG welder, you’re in good company. MIG welders are one of the top selling products at the Baker’s Gas and Welding online store.  

What is Pattern Welding?

Pattern welding is a technique that is commonly used in the creation of swords and knives from many pieces of metal that have varying compositions.  These metals are then forge welded and twisted to form a pattern that is visible on the blade.  This process

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The Art of TIG Welding

TIG welding is the most popular form of welding in the field of metal art sculpture. The low heat of a TIG welder leaves a small weld seam and provides a very precise weld that is neat and clean with minimal distortion to the metal


Torch Movement Tips for MIG Welding

MIG welding is often described as a simple “point and shoot” technique for welding. However, depending on the size of the weld joint and the material being welded, different torch movements will be required.


Tips on How NOT to Weld

There is a lot at stake for a welder's work. Perhaps the safety of your family, neighbors, or property could be put into jeopardy by a poor weld on something as small as a trailer hitch. Image Credit: Kavitha The last thing you want to

Weld Your Own Coffee Table

A coffee table is a practical piece of furniture that every home needs, and who can resist welding a table that will be virtually indestructible? A coffee table may be one of the most inexpensive welding projects around, with the metal materials costing roughly $30.

The Advantages of Flux Cored Welding Wire

Every welder wants to save time and money, but no one wants to compromise on the quality of a weld. Flux-core welding has the potential to aid every welder in improving their workflow.

How to Weld an Ornamental Gate

One of the best uses for a welder for an outdoor project may be creating an ornamental gate for either a garden or yard. A decorative gate improves the aesthetics of your yard and will be a welcome relief from digging and hauling things all over your property.

Stick, MIG and TIG Welding Steel

Basic Composition of Steel When you break it down to its raw essentials, steel is really just iron and carbon. There's usually a few other elements, in trace amounts, thrown in for good measure (or to achieve a specific goal, i.e. adding chromium or nickel