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MIG Welding Aluminum Spool Gun Tips

Learning to MIG weld aluminum can be tricky! Once you master it much easier than other aluminum welding options. Aluminum is soft which presents some challenges. We have some tips to get you up and running!  

Welding Instructor Jared Haas and the Class Project that Turned into a Business

This week we have Technology Education instructor Jared Haas sharing about a project he completed with his welding students at Line Mountain High School that turned into a something closer to a small business. Jared shares his story below: Two years ago, due to popular...

Welding Career Tips with Instructor John Hill of Frederick Community College

Each month we hope to feature a brief interview with a welding instructor at a community college, trade school, or high school in order to answer questions about preparing for a career in welding, choosing the right machine to prepare for a welding job, and...

How Understanding Welding Inspections Can Improve Your Welds

Professional welds are often carefully regulated based on blueprints and designs that ensure they will perform well under pressure and have a clean appearance. Weld inspections will take into account the weld’s location, the size and shape of the weld, and the materials used for...

How to Improve Your Plasma Cutting Cuts

Plasma cutters are typically one of the cleanest and fastest way to cut metal. However, the consumable costs can add up and your cuts may not be high quality if you aren’t using the right technique. With a few minor tweaks to your cutting process...

Why Welders Are Purging Pipes and Tubes Before Welding

Creating a strong, long-lasting weld requires a clean joint on your metal workpiece. When it comes to TIG welding uniquely shaped materials or pipe welding jobs, purging the metal of oxygen with an inert gas can keep the weld fully protected from oxidation.

Tips for TIG Welding Aluminum at Your Home Shop

TIG welding aluminum often proves to be one of the most challenging welding processes for new and weekend hobby welders. Aluminum heats up faster than steel and most other metals in welding shops. The hotter metals get the weaker they become. This post is here to offer tips!

Should I Buy a Brand New Welder?

If you read enough welding message boards, you’ve probably read about welders finding amazing deals on used machines or cheap off-brand machines from eBay. However, if you read press releases from welding companies and welding suppliers, you’re probably going to hear about the amazing deals

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How Your Choice of Shielding Gas Impacts Your Weld

Shielding gas can make or break the quality of your weld. Properly storing your shielding gas can make or break your welding shop. So when it comes to choosing shielding gas, storing it, and refilling it, you should weigh the different factors such as cost, portability...

What Do You Need to Get Started with Welding?

It’s hard to know how exactly to answer questions about “what a new welder” needs in order to start welding because every person has a slightly different setup at home, different tools on hand, and very different assumptions about welding. 

Common Questions New Welders Ask about MIG Welding and Welding Gear

One of the benefits of offering some of the best prices on welding machines and welding gear at Baker’s Gas and Welding is that customers ask lots of good questions in order to make the best possible purchase.

When to Use Solid Wire MIG or Flux Cored MIG Welding

MIG welding offers the convenience and speed of a feeder that guides the metal wire right into your puddle, but keeping your weld free from contaminants will determine the strength and appearance of your weld. 

TIG Welding for Beginners and Skeptics

TIG welding requires more time, practice, and preparation than any other welding method. There are some great reasons to learn more about TIG welding. Click here to learn more.

How and When to Use Scratch Start TIG Welding

Welders in nuclear power plants, food industry plants, and their own workshops have long used a simple series of modifications to their stick welders in order to TIG weld. By adding a TIG torch, shielding gas with a flow meter, and a few other parts...

Tips for TIG Welding Aluminum on DC Power

Every welder knows that you’ll get a much cleaner weld that is more likely to pass inspection if you use AC power when TIG welding aluminum. There’s no debate there for the most part. However, you will find a far more spirited debate online about...

Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled TIG Welding Torches: How to Choose

When you’re TIG welding there’s only so much that a top brand welding glove can do for you if your torch heats up and you can’t cool it down fast enough. The longer you weld, the hotter your torch will get, and you’ll need to

How to Pick the Right Shielding Gas

When planning a welding job, from big to small, your choice of shielding gas can make or break the quality of your weld and ease of your work. The right shielding gas can make all the difference in the shape, transfer of heat, alloy content...

Does It Matter If You Push or Pull While Welding?

Some welders roll their eyes every time the push vs. pull debate comes up, while others have strong opinions that they believe they have been forged out of hard-earned experience. Should we debate pushing vs. pulling for welding? And if it’s worth discussing, then which is...