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Lighter Stick Welding with the Miller Thunderbolt

The Miller Thunderbolt 160 and 210 DC Stick welders provide the punch and portability that welders working in a variety of locations can rely on. This popular stick welder and power source has been in high demand, and welders have been raving about its portability, versatility, and accuracy.

Stick Welding Tips for Uphill, Horizontally, and in Circles

Stick welding is the most forgiving welding process compared with MIG and TIG applications. Best yet, it can be used for a variety of materials in various positions. Stick welders come in a variety of sizes with all kinds of options. Some are a simple...

Find a Welding Job with Overhead Stick Welding

When it comes to learning a practical welding skill that you can carry into the job market, stick welding is a great process where you can start learning with minimal investment. Stick welding machines, at least the basic ones, are relatively inexpensive and you don't...