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Guide to Welding Cast Iron

Cast iron is very versatile and is used in hundreds, if not thousands, of industrial products. The reason is that cast iron is fairly inexpensive, is hard, and is resistant to wear and tear. Cast iron is available in many compositions and grades, just like

Welding Cast Iron – Overview of Cast Iron Grades

There are many different metals used in welding, however, we are going to be focusing on cast iron and its many uses.  Cast iron is a very versatile metal that is used in thousands of products today.  Its popularity rises from the strength that it

A Few Tips for Welding Cast Iron

First, it helps to understand how cast iron differs from other materials.  Most of what we call cast iron is more accurately called gray iron.  Gray iron is an iron alloy that is about 95% iron, 4% graphite and 1% silicon.  In gray iron the