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Architectural Blacksmiths

What is Architectural Blacksmithing? Custom designed iron works that serve architectural purposes can be forged by architectural blacksmiths. Many of the same techniques and tools used hundreds of years ago are still employed today. Pieces that would fit the category of architectural blacksmithing would include

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Useful Welded Art

Art means different things to different people. Perhaps you’ve already read The Art of Welding. There are plenty of beautiful pieces being created everyday by artists who weld. Today’s article focuses on art that is useful, practical. Welders can make doors, gates, signs, lighting fixtures

How to Weld an Ornamental Gate

One of the best uses for a welder for an outdoor project may be creating an ornamental gate for either a garden or yard. A decorative gate improves the aesthetics of your yard and will be a welcome relief from digging and hauling things all over your property.