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The Different Kinds of Welding Electrodes

If you are a beginning welder, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of welding electrodes that are out there. There are many different kinds of welding electrodes and they vary depending on what sort of task is needing to be done and how

2011 Conferences on Welding Topics

The American Welding Society (AWS) holds a number of conferences each year throughout the United States.  Anyone can attend these conferences, but AWS members get a discounted admission rate as well as credit hours towards completing AWS certification programs.  The conferences cover a very wide

The American Welding Society

The American Welding Society is an organization that provides guidelines and standards for the protection and development of the welding field.  It was developed when two existing welding committees were joined by President Woodrow Wilson.  The AWS was created to provide reference materials and guidelines

Welding Internships: Get real work experience before you graduate

As a student, I am always on the lookout for internships in my field. Internships are the best way to get real work experience before graduation and they can help you build an impressive resume in an economic slump. Although some internships are unpaid, the experience and knowledge you receive increases


About the American Welding Society

What is the American Welding Society? The American Welding Society (AWS) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1919 which boasts the latest resources for welders and other professionals worldwide (www.aws.org).  According to their website, their goal is to, “advance the science, technology and application of