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Outdoor Summer Welding Projects

Outdoor Summer Welding Projects

It’s summer time, and that means it’s a great time to work on some welding projects that you can use outside in your yard and with your family. In addition, these are the kinds of welding projects that you can work on outside if you need to tackle them on site. Here are some links to our best summer welding projects that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced:

Outdoor Grill Welding Project

If you’re just getting started on welding projects or if you want a practical welding project that you can use all summer, start with this grill welding project. The materials are pretty cheap, since you mainly need angle iron and a metal drum that hasn’t had a flammable substance in it.

In addition, if you’ve already welded your own welding table, the design won’t be all that different for a grill. So you aren’t starting from ground zero with your plans. Most of the welds will be simple tack welds and you can just use a stick welder that won’t require much by way of prep in order to get started. Just pick up a can of black spray paint to fix it up when you’re done and you’ll be ready to pick up some charcoal.

Plans for an Outdoor Grill

Garden Gate Welding Project

If you’re ready for a slightly more artistic welding project, welding your own gate is another great project to try out. It will require more precision and planning than the grill project, and there may be times when the detail can be painstaking, but overall, it won’t require a lot of materials and the amount of welding you’ll have to do is pretty minimal. Provided you have a steady hand, a reliable eye, and a lot of patience, you can weld a unique gate for your yard or garden.

Provided you’re prepared to spend a little more money on the ornamental materials for your gate, you can put together a very fancy gate without knowing too much about welding.

Gate Welding Project Plans

Boat Storage Container Welding Project

If you’re planning a trip with your family or friends this summer, you will need some extra storage for your boating supplies. While you could get a cargo carrier for your SUV or wagon, a more convenient option is to just weld a storage container onto your boat trailer.

If you don’t build your own container, you can just pick up a metal storage box like the ones that typically go on the back of pick up trucks. In addition, you don’t need to weld very much. In fact, you’ll just weld the box to reinforce it. You’ll mainly attach the the box to the trailer by drilling bolts into it.

The Storage Container Welding Project

Indoor/Outdoor Bench Welding Project

For the more advanced welder, we have a bench welding project that uses a bunch of square metal tubing and requires a lot of precision welding. Following the design is particularly important for stability and comfort, so take your time on this welding project and make sure you line everything up step by step.

It’s recommended that you use a MIG or TIG welder for this project since you’ll want smooth, precise welds that won’t distort the metal or cause spatter.

Indoor/Outdoor Bench Welding Project Plans

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