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Metal gate

Those with little knowledge of the welding industry might
believe that welding requires only a mastery of some basic information and
manual labor. Little do they know that welding can be as creative as any form
of art.

Those of you looking for a home project to stimulate some
creativity should consider building a metal gate around your home or garden.
You can make modern gates that feature edges and uniformity or perhaps weld
gates that are more romantic with swirling edges or curling flowers.

Gates are easy to make for most professional
welders. Even hobby welders can choose a simple design that is easy to execute.

You can make most gates out of scrap metal from a scrap
yard. In fact, depending on the size, you can make a gate for as little as $100
and a few Saturday afternoons.

The first step you’ll need to take is to consider what type
of design you would like. If your home is modern you should consider making a
modern gate. If your home is traditional, consider giving your gate a vintage

Next, you will need to measure the length of the gate and
draw out plans. Bring the plans with you to a scrap yard to pick out materials.
Consult other hobby welders or a hardware store helper to select the proper
finish for your gate.

Take your time when welding the gate to ensure that the
bonds are secure and the lengths are correct. It would be terrible if you
completed all of the detail work on a gate that did not fit.

When you‚Äôre finished ‚Äď announce the installation of your new
metal gate with a garden party. Don’t forget to send us pictures!



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