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N95 Masks are Back!

N95 Masks are Back!

It is not new information that cloth masks are officially out this year and N95's are in. As COVID-19 cases surge this year to record highs the need and push for proper protection is critical. Early on in the pandemic there was not enough supply of N95 masks. Now that is not the case. They are in stock and available to all. Baker's has plenty of stock and free shipping on orders over $99 so grab a box with your next welding supply order to keep your crew safe. 

Why N95?

Generally speaking, a  NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved mask is approved to meet the standards of filtration and passes the necessary tests of filtering out 95% of the airborne particles in the air.  The N95 mask keep both your exhaled particles from entering the air as well as filtering the air from the outside environment you are breathing. 

Basically inside the layers there is a filter that ensures that the air that passes through is filtered. Proper fit and placement is critical. There must be a seal to make sure all of the air is filtered. 

The CDC warns people that NIOSH approved N95s are encouraged due to the fact that many of the KN95 masks are not legit and often counterfeit. Many do NOT meet US safety guidelines. (KN95 is a Chinese Government standard) 

Will a N95 protect me from COVID-19?

If you are exposed to COVID-19 you have the risk of carrying or contracting. One of the only ways to prevent the spread is to wear filtration mask to control the air you are breathing in and out. If you are wearing a shield or cloth mask it reduces the particles but does not truly offer verified protection of particles both large and small. 

Disposable vs Reusable? 

There are many applications that a re-usable mask is effective. In industrial applications it is very common to use this style. However in the medical industry and some industrial applications the disposable is more sanitary and effective. 

The tried and true that you see medical and industrial professionals wear is the 3M N95. The most popular option we offer is the 8200. It is comfortable, cost effective and the 3M stamp of 95% NIOSH efficiency. (Comes in a box of 20 for about $16)  

The Optrel N95 P.AIR is our highest rated for comfort! We can not tell you how many people rave about how this feels on their face. They feel protected and a bonus is it folds in half fitting perfectly in your pocket. (Ideal for settings like an airport where you may need to remove and put back on and need to store in your pocket) 

The Miller LPR-100 Half Mask Respirator is a simple, cost-effective  reusable option that doesn’t cover your eyes but provides effective filtering of 99.97% of airborne particles and oil aerosols. With its low profile design, you’ll have optimal visibility and can wear a helmet or shield in combination if needed.  This mask is designed for welding but can be used and if stored properly re used many times safely. 

We do offer other solutions such as ventilated breathing protection systems that have changed the game for the air you breath. *500 times cleaner air! Nurses, doctors, and others in industrial spaces have taken this route. We have another post that goes into much more detail if you want to learn more.

Overall if you are going to be out and about you need to make sure you have masks that filter the air you are breathing to the CDC standards. There is endless evidence that the spread is happening and the first step we can take is investing in the available options. 

Supply and Demand - IN STOCK!

Baker's Gas is an authorized 3M Personal Safety distributor. We purchased the 3M N95 masks directly from 3M. We offer fair prices and free shipping on orders over $99. Our other re usable options are all legitimate NIOSH approved solutions and purchased directly from the manufacturer. 

If you have questions on any of the reviewed products or for a custom quote please contact our support team at support@bakersgas.com.  


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