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Miller Electric Remote Start/Stop on Engine Drives

Miller Bobcat 225/260 with Remote Start and Stop Technology

Control your Miller welder / generator from over 300 feet away! We tested the remote start and stop on the new Miller Bobcat 260! The video linked below shows how it works and how simple it is to control your machine from the click of a button. This simple change will result in huge cost savings, reduce noise and maintenance on your machine. Check out the video below to see the new Remote Start in action and a quick review on the Bobcat 260: 

Have you ever left your generator running instead of jumping in your truck or walking over to stop it while working? We definitely have! This new solution from Miller is going to save you a ton of time and money. 


Using the remote is very similar to remote starting a car. On the Bobcat 260 as you seen in the video, you press / release and then hold the start button for three seconds, and when the machine starts the green light simultaneously turns on indicating a successful start. Similar process for turning the machine off, simply hold the stop button for one second and the red light indicates a successful stop of the machine. In addition to the light indication and the noise of the machine it also had a beeping sound when the remote connects to start the machine. 

We found the machine does have to be idle to utilize the remote start / stop feature. If you are near the machine you can still start and stop with the traditional ignition switch located on the front of the generator.


The noise of a running generator adds to the chaos of a job site. By turning your Bobcat off and on with the remote it can reduce the noise, creating more awareness and a safer job site. When you do not need power, you'll get 0db of noise with a quick click of a button to turn power back on.

The small key FOB Radio Receiver remote can be replaced if you misplace or damage it. It's small enough to put in your pocket or hook to your keys.


Miller calculates on average and savings of $1,500 a year by simply shutting the machine off when it is not in use. Not only are you saving on the fuel you are also extending engine maintenance intervals, not to mention the time saved from walking back and forth to the machine. The reduced time of travel allows you to keep working and complete your task at hand faster and more efficiently. 

Miller welder/generators are the most rugged and reliable in the industry. They are backed by Miller Electric's 3 year warranty and as always, hard-working from the core! The remote technology is exclusive to Miller Electric, and its just another way they are making your life easier and saving you time and money! 

Baker's Gas has an exclusive bonus on the Bobcat 260, just use promo code: 260BONUS at checkout! Baker's is an authorized online dealer for Miller Electric. Free shipping even on engine drives within the continental United States. Shop all remote options at Baker's!

Other Miller Remote Solutions

Stay tuned for more information and a future post on the wireless interface control available on select Trailblazer 325's and Big Blue models! It basically allows you to control the machine from the remote. Including changing processes, adjusting parameters, and even allows you to save custom presets. Less trips to the power source saves you valuable time to focus on what matters most. To learn more about the remote solutions from Miller click here.

Miller Trailblazer Remote for the Remote Interface Control

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