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How to Land a TIG Welding Job

How to Land a TIG Welding Job

If you’re looking for a TIG welding job, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to track down a great position with excellent pay, but first you need to make sure you have the necessary skills to land the position. Once you get the required experience and skills for a TIG welding job, you could make over $20 an hour depending on your location and your position in the organization.

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Welding Experience

The most important requirement for a TIG welding job is experience. It’s typical for a TIG welding job posting to require at least three years of experience. If you’re still in trade school or you’re out of a job right now, consider joining a welding training program or look into companies who have welding classes for employees. If you’re connected with a trade school or job program, use your connections there to land a welding job that involves as many welding processes and welding positions (such as horizontal and vertical) as possible.

You will need to pay your dues first, but once you get some experience under your belt, you’ll be in an excellent position to check out the welding job listings nationwide and then take your pick of the welding jobs available.

Welding Processes and Skills

You can land a welding job if you have a variety of welding processes and skills listed on your resume alongside your welding experience. For instance, many TIG welding positions also require that welders know how to MIG weld. If you’re working with one welding process at your current job, seek opportunities to add additional welding processes to your skill set.

As you expand your welding processes, also learn what you can about the various welding positions, such as vertical vs. horizontal. Each requires different approaches and techniques, and a potential employer will spot any gaps in your knowledge right away. Whether you work with MIG or TIG processes, make sure you understand the welding and safety procedures associated with the three most common metals: mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

In addition, if you’re only welding, look into opportunities to expand your experience into cleaning, grinding, pre-heating, brazing, and cutting. The more you can do, the wider your job options.

Interpreting and Following Blueprints

In many production environments, welders will need to be self-starters who are capable of working on their own with only the guidance of a blueprint. The majority of TIG welding jobs listed online include reading blueprints as an essential requirement to even be considered for a job.

In addition, welders able to read blueprints should be proficient in measuring, positioning, and aligning various parts while welding. For instance, a proficient TIG welder should understand stress relief, allowances for fit-up and machining, and the effects of shrinkage, warping, or expansion.

Ability to Inspect Welding Work

While welding inspectors fill a completely different line of work, a capable TIG welder should be able to inspect his/her work in order to make sure it’s safe and free from defects. Employers are looking for responsible workers who know how to create safe, strong, durable welds.

Personal safety and the safety of customers is an especially high priority. Some employers require their welders to be knowledgeable about ISO and FDA regulations.

Handyman Skills Beyond Welding

Besides welding prep work, cutting, and welding itself, many employers ask their welders to think beyond what they do with their helmets on. Welders are often asked to be aware of the safety and organization of their work places. They are also asked to pitch in with maintenance and general handyman projects in the workplace.

The more you can do to help an employer maintain a safe and efficient workplace, the better your chances of finding and keeping a welding job.

Be Prepared to Move

The welding job market is often in flux as national trends shift. While you can usually find welding work along the coasts in port cities that build ships, in the Midwest at manufacturing plants, and in various aerospace markets, jobs sometimes come in booms that mean the most mobile welders will find the best pay and opportunities. Depending on your season of life, consider the benefits of moving for the short or long term in order to get the right experience for a long term and potentially lucrative career in welding.

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