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Fronius TransSteel 2200 Review

Fronius TransSteel 2200 Review

The new series of Fronius TransSteel 2200 multiprocess welders offer either MIG and stick together or MIG, TIG, and stick multiprocess welding in sturdy cases that can withstand heavy duty projects and a series of highly functional features that simplify the welding process. 

While ESAB, Miller, and Lincoln each have strong multiprocess welders contending for customers, Fronius has some unique features that make it well worth your time to check out. Here are a few of the reasons why customers are asking about the two Fronius TransSteel 2200 multiprocess welders on sale at Baker’s Gas and Welding:

Portable and Lightweight Fronius Welder

Although the heavy plastic shell can handle a lot of impact on the job site, the welder itself is only 34 pounds and has a handle and strap for easy movement around the job site. The heavy plastic components of the spools inside are part of what makes it lightweight while not sacrificing on durability. The machine is also covered by a 3-year warranty. 

With a welder this light, you can even haul it out to a job site as far as 330 feet from a power source, running it with an extension cord. In a test on the Baker’s Gas and Welding lot, a welder was able to MIG weld at the end of a 325 foot extension cord. Check out the end of this Fronius review for the test. 

The TransSteel’s Incredible MIG Welding Possibilities

The Fronius TransSteel 2200 runs wire so well that it doesn’t even require a spool gun. It simply feeds the wire through without letting up or jamming. In fact, you can even tie the hose in a knot and it will still feed the wire continuously! Baker’s tested this out in the review video and found that to be true as well. As far as the MIG gun goes, it has a swivel ball design on the handle and a comfortable ergonomic design that welders rave about.

There are two wire spools inside the machine that can drive either 10 and 2 pound wire, making it a snap to swap out one wire for another while on the job site. If you need some help picking the right wire, there’s a size chart inside the machine. Also each of the components inside the welder are color coded to match the sizes listed on the chart. 

If you aren’t sure which settings to use, Fronius offers 26 different preset options. Simply enter the material, wire thickness, and welding process into the machine, tweak if needed, and then you’ll be ready to weld. 

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