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CK Worldwide Basic Consumables Guide

CK Worldwide Basic Consumables Guide

TIG Consumable Basics

Figuring out what TIG consumables to order can be tricky. We are here to help explain how to select the correct consumables for your TIG torch. 

Series 2 vs Series 3 

Torches like the CK9 and CK20 will use series 2 consumables. Series 3 will be the CK17, 18, 23, 26. Smaller vs larger. Depending on what kind of machine you have and what kind of application you are dealing with will determine which series will you will want to work with. Tight spaces usually call for a smaller torch so series 2 will most likely do the trick a bit better than a 3 series which are bigger. 

Big thing to note is CK Worldwide consumables are compatible with almost all other TIG torches. For example a Weldcraft 17 torch would be able to use Series 3 CK Worldwide consumables interchangeably with no issues.  

Setup Basics

CK TIG Consumables

There is your back cap, tungsten, collet, collet body, cup and heat-shield. You can shop all of our CK TIG parts and consumables here.

The back cap would go on the back of the torch body. There are short, medium and long back caps to choose from. Depending on the space you are welding in and the size of tungsten would determine which back cap to go with.

Collets in conjunction with the collet body hold the tungsten in place. They should be properly sized to the piece of tungsten you are using. 

There are long cups and shorts cups. Alumina cups, Ceramic cups, glass pyrex cups. The pink alumina cups are the most commonly used and most inexpensive. The ceramic are good for high heat applications and will be more costly than the alumina. Pyrex cups add increased vision of the tungsten and weld pool. It is not recommended to walk the cup with pyrex setups.

Collet bodies consist of 4 different styles. Standard, Gas Lens, Large Diameter and Short. Standard will give you basic gas coverage over the puddle. While a gas lens will offer a more uniform gas coverage. Large diameter speak for themselves, they will offer the widest and largest amount of gas coverage. While short cups offer the least.

Gas Saver Kits

Gas Saver kits by CK can help you dial in on your bead. They use a special gas lens that offers the most efficient gas coverage while welding. For example see the image below. 

CK Gas Saver Kit

Consumable Kits

If you are looking for a full set up we highly recommend getting a consumable kit for your specific Series torch. It will ensure it will all work together and the storage box comes stocked with the most popular items and even a few pieces of CK Tungsten to sample. 

They are available in a few options the most popular consumable kit would be the AK-3. This is a series 3 kit for less than $40. There is also a similar kit for 2 series that would be the AK-2. We recommend stepping up to the deluxe version which is going to come in a much nicer storage box and let you expand into some more options in cups. The most popular series 3 option would be the Stubby Gas Lens kit.

Why Choose CK?

CK was originated by Art Kleppen and Jim Conley with a goal to make TIG welding a more efficient process for all welders. 

For example their gas saver kits will literally save argon consumption while welding. Money is saved with high quality consumables and torches that last long so you do not have to replace them as often. 

Shop all CK products at online at Baker's Gas. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out and one of our representatives would be glad to assist! 

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