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Baker's Gas CK Torch Guide Blog Post

Everything you need to know if you are considering upgrading your current TIG set up to a CK Worldwide TIG Torch. 

Why CK Worldwide?

CK Worldwide offers a large selection of torches, gas saver kits and complete offering on the TIG consumables. The cool thing about CK Consumables is they are compatible with most brand name torches that come on your TIG Welder.  Also if you want to upgrade to a CK Torch set up (they offer super nice cable / head options and overall quality) all you need is the correct adapter and you are good to go. 

Common misconception is that a third party TIG consumable or torches are inferior or not quality. In our professional opinion the value and offering from CK Worldwide is one of the best in the industry. Best part MADE IN THE USA. 

There are truly too many reasons to count but we are going to do our best to give you all the facts. We know if you are a TIG welder your next TIG torch will be CK Worldwide. 

Research and Development

CK was found in 1967 by Art Kleppen and Jim Conley. They set out with a mission to make TIG welding a more efficient process for your everyday welder. They have put endless hours into their research and development to offer you the highest quality TIG equipment. They specialize in it and it shows. Their CK17 (150A) is one of the most popular torches in the welding world. Easy set up, compatible with any brand machine and a plethora of consumable options. If you want something a bit more heavy duty like a CK20 water cooled. They have it! Some a bit smaller for hard to reach areas? They have a micro torch. Your machine does not have a solenoid? You can get your CK torch with a gas valve built into the torch handle for manual gas shut off. They have all these options all while offering the best pricing for the best equipment.

For example upgrading your torch on your Miller 220 is super simple! First choose the torch of your preference. Whether you want a 12.5ft or 25ft, vinyl cable or super flex, Flex head or rigid head. There are even more options than that as well! The Baker’s favorite for the 220 would have to be the CK17-12-RSF FX . 17 would stand for the style, 12 would stand for 12.5ft long, RSF for Super Flex Cable and FX for Flex Head. See the chart below for all the different 17 options. If you ever need help with finding the correct dinse for your brand check this chart.

CK Standard, Master and UltraTIG Series

CK has a torch for every machine and every application. They break down the options into three different categories. The Standard Series, Master Series and UltraTIG Series.

The Standard Series torch are premium adaptations of the industry classic torches such as the 9 / 17 / 18 / 20 / 24 and 26 styles, ranging anywhere from 80A-400A. 

The Master Series consist of the highest quality TIG torches on the market, as they include the most cutting edge designs created by CK Worldwide.

Last but not least the UltraTIG Series are a combination of the best innovations created by CK since 1967, they are designed to offer the ultimate TIG welding experience. 

How to choose the correct torch

First determine the make and model of your machine. The make will help determine the correct dinse you will need to make the torch compatible. The machine will allow you to determine amperage range. Then from there you can determine which torch will work best for you. For example choosing the right torch head that feels the most comfortable for you. Below are some different torch head torch configurations for the CK17. 


CK17 Rigid Head


 CK17 Flex Head


CK17 Pencil Head

Miller TIG Welders

For Miller Electric TIG Welders you have the Dynasty line, Syncrowave line, Maxstar TIG line and the Multimatic line. All offering different amperage ranges and some with or with out water coolers. If you have something outside of these machine let us know and we can help out!

ESAB TIG Welders

For ESABs you have the ET series TIG welders, the multiprocess Rebel line and then the Rogue line. Let us know if you have another machine and we can always help!

Lincoln TIG Welders

For Lincoln Electric, generally speaking you have the Squarewave TIG 200 and the Aspect 230. Let us know if you have Precision TIG and we can help out over the phone or via email. 

Fronius TIG Welders

For Fronius you have the MagicWave 230i which can be air cooled or water cooled. These are actually being changed over to a new more up to date model called the iWave.

Engine Drives

CK even makes power cable adapters so you use there torches off of any engine drive welder as long as it is TIG capable. Below is an image of a commonly used power cable adaptor.

CK Power Cable Adaptor

For example the Miller Bobcat 260 paired with a CKTL26 would require a CK power cable adapter 45V62. Hook that adapter up to your machine like you would any other lug. Screw in gas on one end and the torch on the other and you will be TIG welding in no time!

CK Torch Selector

Customers can always get some help on selection from the source. CK has a torch selector that will ask you material and thickness, coolant and amperage and it will help select the right torch for you. Then come back to us with the part number for the best pricing! 



Part 2 coming soon

The next part we will dive into all the different CK consumables they offer! What kind of benefits you will gain for all the different types.

Also let us know if you have a different brand machine and we can still recommend the proper CK torch and dinse. Brands like Eastwood, AHP, Razor Weld, we sell all the proper CK TIG accessories. Leave a comment of give us call for expert advice!

Steve Nowicki

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