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Save Cash and TIG Weld Better with CK Worldwide Gas Saver Kits

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The CK Worldwide gas saver kit isn’t brand new, but it is a valuable, cost saving welding accessory for TIG welders growing in popularity. Just as a small screen saves water by distributing it more evenly out of a faucet, the CK Worldwide gas saver kits limit the amount of gas that comes out while shielding a weld. Besides saving on gas costs while TIG welding, these kits also make it easier to improve the quality of your welds.

Gas saver function shown

As more welders adopt the CK gas saver kits, we’ve been receiving lots of questions about the advantages of these kits and which kits match up with particular TIG torch setups. Here’s a brief run down of the advantages and sizing considerations:

Better TIG Welding with a CK Worldwide Kit

The first thing that many welders notice about the CK Worldwide Gas Saver Kit is that it offers a clear Pyrex cup that is oversized compared to the typical TIG cup. This offers two key advantages for both novice and old timer welders: better gas coverage over the weld puddle and better visibility of the weld. Some reviewers won’t ever go back to welding without a clear cup!

A series of screens on the front of the collet body also disperse the gas more evenly and efficiently. This helps the gas provide a more complete shield for the weld puddle while still using less gas.

In addition, the tungsten stick out can be up to six times longer depending on your setup, further simplifying the welding process by making it easier to see your work. When it’s time to swap out the tungsten for a new one, the collet design makes it a snap.

Overall, the design of the CK Worldwide kit solves many of the most time-consuming and challenging aspects of a TIG welding setup. Welders who have switched to this kit find the clear cup revolutionary since it simplifies the welding process significantly.

Save Cash with a CK Worldwide Gas Saver Kit

A CK Worldwide gas saver kit doesn’t cost a lot of cash and promises to save welders in their gas costs. Some estimates by the manufacturer suggest that welders stand to save as much as 40% of their Argon gas costs.

Considering that you’ll get better weld puddle coverage with your gas, the CK Worldwide gas saver kit can also cut down your time and material expenses. Consumables are also likely to last longer, adding additional savings to your bottom line.

Match a CK Worldwide Gas Saver Kit with Your TIG Torch

The most challenging trick for welders hoping to try out the CK Worldwide Gas Saver kit is matching their existing TIG torch with the right kit. The typical kits are 5 pieces, while larger sets offer significantly more options.

When it’s time to size up the right kind of gas saver kit you need for your TIG torch, you can purchase either the specific size you need, such as the 3/32”, ⅛”, or the 1/16” sizes, or you can pick up a larger kit that offers more accessories. The larger kits include the CK 2 series —- Torch Models 9, 20 and the CK 3 series ——Torch Models 17, 18, 26).

The following chart from CK Worldwide offers the corresponding torch number with the order number of a gas saver kit. Click the image below to see our available kits with detailed information on each listing.

Gas saver kit torch size and fit

Kits are available for  electrode sizes .040″ (1.0mm) to 5/32″ (4.0mm). These kits fit most standard silicone rubber insulated torch bodies and offer a replaceable screen adapter for an easy, low cost maintenance solution.

Get Started with CK Worldwide Gas Saver Kits

Once you’ve picked up your kit, the assembly is easy, simply hand-tighten everything. If it’s a bit too snug to pull apart by hand after welding, you can use pliers to remove it, but be sure you don’t put it on too tight to begin with. The video below gives a look into the instillation process.


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If you’re looking to improve your TIG welding setup, CK Worldwide offers a wide range of TIG accessories that are user friendly and extremely effective for simplifying your welds, improving the quality of the finished product, and saving on costs in the long run.

CK Worldwide is a family owned and operated company that makes all of their products in the USA. Watch the video below to see how they deliver high quality products and great service while sticking to their values.



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