Turbo Torch TDLX2003B Torch Kit Swirl - Air Acetylene - 0386-0574

By Victor

Turbo Torch TDLX2003B Torch Kit Swirl - Air Acetylene - 0386-0574

By Victor

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  • Torch Tip Tote...Set. Everything you need from the industry leader in air fuel torches. Take advantage of this exceptional value from TurboTorch. Whether youre brazing 3/4with an MC tank or soldering 2tubing with a B tank, TurboTorch has the right set of equipment to help you get the job done fast.
  • Both TDLX2003 kits feature an Extreme self lighting tip, an Extreme standard tip, an ergonomic handle with quick disconnect and a tank tote that conveniently stores the hose and additional tips. Choose between the MC or B kits, and immediately benefit from the flexibility these kits offer. Easily expand your soldering and brazing capabilities with additional self lighting or standard tips.
  • Safely carry your B tank, tips and hose with TurboTorchs TDLX2003B.
  • Extreme Swirl Technology delivers high heat, super fast, reducing brazing time and fuel consumption. This Deluxe Tote Kit features everything you need to braze and solder.
    Kit Includes:
  • PL-8ADLX-B - Extreme Air Acetylene Kit(0386-0835)
    AR-B (CGA-520) Regulator
    G-4 Handle
    PL-8A Tip
    AH-12 Hose
    Soft solders to 2(50mm)
    Silver Brazes to 1(25mm)
    Instruction Manual
    B Tank Connections
  • A-3 Tip - Extreme Air Acetylene Tip (0386-0101)
    Soft solders to 1(25mm)
    Silver Brazes to 1/2(12mm)
    Standard Tip fits any G4 Handle
  • TT-150 B Tote - (1421-0016)
    Durable composite construction fits B tanks. Tote features convenient storage for extra tips, striker and hose. Includes a heavy duty nylon strap to help secure tank to scaffolding or truck racks.
Turbo Torch TDLX2003B Torch Kit Swirl - Air Acetylene - 0386-0574

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