Smith CO2 Flowmeter Regulator w/ Heat Exchanger - 35-30-320

By Smith Equipment

Smith CO2 Flowmeter Regulator w/ Heat Exchanger - 35-30-320

By Smith Equipment

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Smith CO2 Flowmeter Regulator w/ Heat Exchanger - 35-30-320

Series 35 two-stage regulators drop cylinder pressure to working pressure in two stages for consistent and accurate outlet pressure and flow regardless of inlet pressure. Recommended that outlet pressure and flow must be maintained without variation.

Sure-Seat filtered high-pressure seat assembly
Series 30 single-stage regulators are extremely durable and contain our exclusive Sure Seat filtered seat technology. Filtered seats prevent contamination from entering the seating area, reducing repair costs and downtime.

Select-O-Gas Flowmeter (optional)
Four separate, easy-to-read scales for argon and argon/CO2 mix, CO2, helium, and a general scale for other non-corrosive gases. Just rotate the outer tube to the desired scale.

Rugged Protective Flowmeter Housing
Flow tubes are protected from accidental damage while offering an unobstructed view of flow reading.

Extra-Long Flow Tube
Expanded scales are easy to read and accurate within five percent of full reading. Can be attached to regulators or pipeline installations.

Shatter-Resistant Multi-Scale Flow Tube
Tubes are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate resin and feature multiple scales.

Unique Self-Centering Ball Guide
Miller-Smith’s exclusive ball-centering flow tube provides accurate flow readings even if the tube is tipped. This ensures good weld quality and gas savings. Non-self-centering flow tube ball tends to float off-center. Actual gas flow can be up to 2-1/2 times greater than is indicated. Note: Self-centering ball guide available on H1105 and H1240 models only

True Blue Warranty - Flowmeter regulators are covered by the Miller Truw Blue 3-yeat warranty


Smith Heavy Duty Flow Meters Spec Sheet

    Smith CO2 Flowmeter Regulator w/ Heat Exchanger - 35-30-320

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