Smith Little Torch Caddy Outfit, CGA 510 Propane - 23-1015P

By Smith Equipment

Smith Little Torch Caddy Outfit, CGA 510 Propane - 23-1015P

By Smith Equipment

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The lightweight portable outfit comes complete with everything you need for soldering and brazing operation. Torch produces a completely stable thread-thin flame hot enough to melt weldable metals, glass, and ceramics. Use a torch with reverse flow check valves that close automatically when outlet pressures drop below 1/2 psig for safer operation. The outfit comes with a carrier, gas pressure regulators, and refillable cylinders.

Product Features:
  • Infinite Control - Weighing only 1.5 oz, the Little Torch is easily maneuvered around areas where a standard torch would be considered unconventional.
  • Variety of Flame Setting and Sizes - Produced a perfectly controlled and stable flame that is hot enough to melt commercially weldable metals, glass, and ceramics with a thread-thin flame. Flames can reach temperatures up to 6000°F.
  • Unmatched Flexibility - Works with any commercially used fuel gas. A strong flexible oxy/fuel gas hose is included to connect to regulators.
  • Exclusive Heating Tips - Multi-orifice tips for heating or melting.


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Smith Little Torch Outfit Specifications and Data Sheet

Included with Product

  • Little Torch w/ 8 ft Hose B Fittings - 11-1101C
  • #3 Curved Tip - 12-1401-03
  • #4 Curved Tip - 12-1401-04
  • #5 Curved Tip - 12-1401-05
  • #6 Curved Tip - 12-1401-06
  • #7 Curved Tip - 12-1401-07
  • Oxygen Regulator - 30-20-540
  • Fuel Regulator - 30-15-510
  • Pair of Reverse-Flow Check Valves - H698
  • Refillable Oxygen Cylinder, 20 cubic foot
  • Refillable Propane Cylinder, 5 lb.
  • Power Coated Metal Carrier - 13787A
Smith Little Torch Caddy Outfit, CGA 510 Propane - 23-1015P

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