Optrel E684 Silver Welding Helmet - 1006.500

By Optrel

Optrel E684 Silver Welding Helmet - 1006.500

By Optrel

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That is the mission of every welder with every weld. The ability to clearly view the weld and the environment is essential to striking the perfect arc.

Taking Optrel's auto-darkening filter technology to the next level

The e684 is the only welding helmet that fully automates protection through its Adaptive Shade Autopilot, automatically adjusting the shade level as one welds, in full high-definition viewing. This new level of clarity not only keeps welders better protected, it enables them to perform their job more efficiently, with greater accuracy and precision every time.

When it comes to precision welding, do not settle for anything less.

Adaptive Shade Autopilot

Set it and forget it. optrel's exclusive Adaptive Shade Autopilot automatically adjusts the e684 ADF to the appropriate shade level as you weld set it and forget it! Its third sensor helps the e684 immediately detect changes in arc intensity and adjust accordingly. This allows you to stay focused on what really matters: striking the perfect arc.

High Definition Viewing 

Superior viewing at every angle. Like viewing a high definition television, the e684's special HD lens provides a true color view to the welder. Its Class 1 angular dependency allows welders to see the clearest, crispest view possible, enabling welders to concentrate and make their weld with more precision.

Twilight ADF Technology

New technology reduces eye fatigue. Unlike other ADF lenses that rapidly return to light, the e684's Twilight ADF Technology restores light more naturally, presenting a smoother transition to the eyes. This exclusive technology reduces eye fatigue on welders who are continuously welding, enabling them to work safer and more comfortably.

Cooling Helmet Design

Keep cool, even when the heat is on. Reflecting light and heat, the e684's special silver helmet keeps the welders head cooler by 23% compared to other unpainted and dark helmets. In extremely hot environments, welders can work longer and be more comfortable over a long period of time.

e3000 Compatible

Breathe easier. The e684 is compatible with the NISOH-certified e3000 PAPR, uniting the most advanced welding and respiratory systems available. The e3000's innovative HEPA class Th3 filters that blocks more than 99.8% of particulates for increased safety. Meanwhile, users can adjust its two-channel air distribution inside the helmet to both mouth and nose, and forehead, improving overall comfort while reducing fatigue.

Multi-Purpose Use

Optimized for most welding applications. With shade levels 4/5-13, the e684 is suited for the majority of welding applications, including all electric arc welding, plasma welding and cutting, and oxy-gas welding, and acceptable for overhead welding. Plus, its external Grind Mode button makes it easy to switch modes.

Shade Level - DIN 4/5-13
Grind Mode - DIN 4
Power Solar Cells and 2 CR2032 Batteries


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OPT1006500 Spec Sheet


    Optrel E684 Silver Welding Helmet - 1006.500

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