Optrel Panoramaxx Helmet for e3000X PAPR - 4441.660

By Optrel

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Optrel Panoramaxx Helmet for e3000X PAPR - 4441.660

By Optrel

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Optrel Panoramaxx 4441.660 attachment to be paired with the e3000x PAPR. You can not upgrade a regular Panoramaxx to be PAPR compatible. This welding helmet combined with the e3000x creates the ultimate solution for a great welding view and clean breathing air!

You have never seen so good when welding.

With the Panoramaxx, Optrel offers an unprecedented world of seeing while welding. A nose cutout in the anti-glare cassette brings the cassette closer to the eye and thus expands the field of vision of the welder up to 6 times that of a standard anti-glare cassette: it is still a lightweight at only 550g.

Panoramic Field of Vision

The Panoramaxx offers a field of view up to 6.3 times larger than standard welding helmets. By adjusting the headband, the distance from the cassette to the eyes can be regulated and the field of vision can be optimally adjusted.

True Color Vision

A specially developed UV / IR filter enables the realistic color perception typical of optrel and brings colors into the world of the welder.


Fully automatic detection and setting of the protection level in the range 5 to 12. 

* The autopilot can be switched off if necessary and the protection level can be set manually.

State-of-the-art Battery Technology

Thanks to the rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (via solar cells and USB cable), the tiresome changing of the batteries is no longer necessary.


Optrel Panorammax Fresh Air Helmet Spec Sheet with information


Optrel Panoramaxx Helmet for e3000X PAPR - 4441.660

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