Optrel Panoramaxx CLT 2.0 PAPR Helmet Silver - 4441.781

By Baker's Gas & Welding Supplies, Inc.

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Optrel Panoramaxx CLT 2.0 PAPR Helmet Silver - 4441.781

By Baker's Gas & Welding Supplies, Inc.

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Greatest Welding View Possible

The world famous Crystal Lens Technology 2.0 is now also available in the Panoramaxx CLT PAPR version. The color perception in the light state comes very close to the view through a clear glass window and in the dark state you get a detailed and high contrast view of the welding pool in a clarity never seen before. Unlock your true potential – with the Panoramaxx CLT.

The Panorama View

In combination with the 2.0 shade at light-state and the Optrel Crystal Lens Technology optics, opens an entirely new visual dimension to the welding experience.

Crystal Lens Technology

With light transmission of 31% in bright condition (protection level 2) welders have a practically unclouded and clear view of their work environment. Having these features in combination with the near perfect color spectrum of CLT allows the user to see all that is going on in the weld pool. The 2.0 light state achieved by CLT was a world record that has never been achieved previously.

Autopilot Function

A unique 5-sensor array measures the brightness of the welding arc and automatically adjusts to the correct shade level. Ranges from the CLT's 2.0 shade level in inactive mode and a 5-12 shade while welding. This will help immensely in those tough lighting situations.

State-of-the-art Battery Technology

Thanks to the rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (via solar cells and USB cable)< the tiresome changing of the batteries is now eliminated.


Optrel Silver Panoramaxx CLT PAPR - 4550.590 Spec Sheet


Optrel Panoramaxx CLT 2.0 PAPR Helmet Silver - 4441.781

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